Review of Matt Hale’s “Ending White Slavery”

John King
Daily Stormer
April 30, 2015

Matt Hale is currently residing in a ZOG dungeon.

ENDING WHITE SLAVERY is the first book authored by Matthew F. Hale, J.D., America’s foremost prisoner of conscience. Its recent publication shows that even eleven years (and counting) of solitary confinement in a six foot by ten foot cell in the USSA’s neo-Alcatraz, Supermax in Florence, CO., cannot break the spirit, intellect nor the resolve of an upright (and innocent) man, whose cause is, frankly speaking, the most important on the face of the earth. In a world where europid Whites make up only 1/14th of the world’s population, are decreasing in number due to insufficient ‘replacement level’ reproduction, and are facing demographic displacement in every ‘nominally white’ country of the world, all other causes seem trivial and meaningless compared to the cause to which Mr. Hale has unselfishly dedicated his entire adult life. Namely, will White people survive for their existence into the 22nd century or will black, brown and yellow school children view us as stuffed exhibits in museums of the future alongside exhibits of extinct dodo birds, saber toothed tigers and dinosaurs?

Throughout the text one finds a repeating theme: that White minds are in chains. “… can we even utter the words ‘White people’, today? Have not the chains upon our minds become so tight, so fixed, that the very notion of a ‘White people’ has become anathema to us? Are we not in fact imbued with the idea that we shouldn’t even utter or contemplate such words, that there are Whites, yes, and there are people, yes, but ‘White people’, together? Such a notion as ‘White people’ is a mistake, a misfortune, a moral failing, we have been told. We are not supposed to have an identity as White people; rather, we are supposed to be individuals who just happen to be White.” (p. 3). On p. 55 the author expounds on this theme by writing, “We have been propagandized to believe that ‘White’ is a misfortune, and thus to celebrate White people as ‘White’ people is tantamount to holding a dance for a witch. The doors are shut, the shades are pulled, and supplications made. The minds of our people are in chains.” Mr. Hale if anything is a realist and looks at the dismal situation with courage. Towards the end of page 1 he writes, “What a sickness to behold, a sickness of the mind. I wish it were untrue – I would dream that it were so – but true it is: a people is today unwilling to believe that it even exists. It would rather think its existence away, to wish it away, to banish from its hearts and minds its very name.”

ENDING WHITE SLAVERY comprises 209 pages and is divided into three chapters. Chapter 1 entitled “Our Minds are in Chains” is perhaps the most comprehensive compendium of the symptomology of the White collective mental illness ever to be assembled. Here in the United States, where both Mr. Hale and this writer were born and raised, Whites comprise a slight majority of the population but are widely infected with a psychopathology – a virus of the mind – which falsely tells them that their race occupies the driver’s seat of global social evil. According to the enforced narrative Whites have invaded, enslaved and genocided everyone of a darker hue. Thus our only redemption comes in an act of collective mass racial suicide. Only by denying our children their inheritance and handing over our ‘nominally white’ countries to the ‘underprivledged’ children of the third world can Whites atone for their grievous historical sins and become good people. As Adam and Eve were born into sin, Whites and only Whites are born into ‘racism’ in this twisted atheistic version of the Biblical narrative. Chapter 2 is entitled “Exhortation” in which the author uses his superior skills of logic, oratory and common sense – recall he was trained to be a lawyer at the University of Southern Illinois at Carbondale – to break down the claims and tenets of the existing anti-White propasphere. Even with his advanced level of knowledge on this subject, this writer was able to learn a lot. Clearly people of European origin have a natural right to exist and persist upon this planet just as much as any other endangered animal species. Even if we were really the most vile and wicked race ever to live – we get a daily booster shot of this mind poison every night on the ABC/NBC/CNN/FOX Evening News and in every establishment newspaper and magazine – we would still have a right to persist simply because we are part of the biosphere (flora & fauna) of this planet. By the end of this chapter Hale smashes the ‘chains’ presented in the first chapter to dust. Chapter 3, entitled “Towards the Racial State,” presents the only solution to avert the extinction (in progress) of planet earth’s true ‘minority’ race. Namely, we must create our own (White) racial states ie. homelands where our people will be able to live exclusively among their own kind and where they will exert total autonomy and control over their own affairs. Just like the mountain gorillas, of which there are less than one thousand and declining in the wild, Whites need their own exclusive habitats if they are to have a fair shake at surviving the next century. Demographics are destiny and current demographic projections show Whites becoming a minority thirty years out in the US, Canada, Western Europe and Australia. It is to the vanguard of White advocates that Hale preaches. Our current ships (of state) are about to hit their respective icebergs. Creating new (White) racial states somewhere on the face of the earth is the equivalent of manning the lifeboats while the vast majority of dumbed down Whites drown unaware of the rising water (better said: rising tide of color) until the water shorts out their TV sets and their favorite athletic match flickers off.

He wrote the book on paper using pencils and mailed every page to his mother, who then typed it all up.

This is a book which every White person should read, for most White minds are in chains of mental slavery. It should be a part of the personal library of every White advocate and put into the hands of White youth. Rather than this middle aged reviewer, it is the youth who will go down as heroes or zeroes in the century at hand, which in 2015 is still young. Only those youth whose mental chains have been cast aside will recognize the existential threat the White race faces and what the only solution to this impending train wreck is. Recalling that Mr. Hale was a minister prior to his incarceration, this book reads like his longest and finest sermon. Thus the language and tone are appropriate for even children and the reading level is quite comprehensible to any high school student. Whether viewed from his vantage point as both an attorney and a minister, Mr. Hale hammers his themes home using various modes of persuasion, extensive documentary evidence and ample repetition. Anyone with an open mind who reads this book will be freed of their mental shackles before he/she reaches the back cover.

This book should be read in conjunction with Arthur Kemp’s “Nova Europa”, which offers practical advice on how a (White) racial state could be founded in the near future. Reading Mr. Hale’s tome, this writer was refreshed to see how he avoids falling into the ‘victim mentality’ which abounds in much pro-White literature. Adopting a victim mentality and blaming others for one’s problems never works. Witness the steady societal devolution of America’s favorite victim group, blacks. Indeed, the majority of the White race is in chains but the author avoids blaming Jews or any other group for the situation at hand. There already exist at present a plethora of contemporary scholarly books on this subject namely those of Dr. Kevin MacDonald and Dr. David Duke. Mr. Hale’s interest lies in showing the breadth and depravity of White mass psychopathology (‘chains’) and how to break them. He is not concerned particularly with how these chains were forged and who put on the hands/minds of Whites. By avoiding the ‘J word’ in a negative or conspiratorial context throughout his book, Mr. Hale has made it readable to a wider audience, namely conservative Judeo-Christians, for whom ‘anti-semitic’ language – whether justified or not – would elicit an immediate knee jerk reaction.

A particular strength of ENDING WHITE SLAVERY is Mr. Hale’s ability to cut through the agitprop and weaponized language of the anti-Whites. This may not be the court of law but it is the court of public opinion. And like a bare knuckled scrapping lawyer Matthew ‘The Hammer’ Hale objects to and smashes every exhibit put forth by the prosecution. His deconstruction of the loaded terms ‘racism’, ‘discrimination’ and ‘White privilege’ stick out in this reviewer’s mind.

In a speech decades ago it was John Tyndall, former chairman of the British National Party, who remarked that the epitaph of the 20th century has already been written: “The Great White Racial Retreat”. Tyndall also remarked that the most powerful weapon of that century was not the atom bomb but rather the epithet ‘racism’. But what does ‘racist’ really mean? On p. 32 Mr. Hale offers his insight. “Other than a biased and false dictionary definition, it is a word that is bandied about without anyone bothering to explore its actual meaning and, as a result, it is one of the most ill-construed words that there is. All ‘racism’ in reality means is the practice of racial distinctions and thus the ‘racist’ is one who makes racial distinctions, whether positive or negative. Thus the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is plainly a racist organization because it distinguished between ‘colored’ people and White people. In other words, it is concerned with race and thus is ipso facto ‘racist.’ The use of ‘racism’ and especially ‘racist’ as pejoratives is quite simply misplaced. Whether the NAACP like White people too, thinks that White people are equal or whatever is irrelevant; since it is concerned with race, it is racist, and so is every other of the thousands of non-white organizations that exist. Racism itself has nothing to do with hatred, race superiority, or any other perceived negative sentiment. The black NAACP is racist, the brown National Council of La Raza (“The Race”) is racist, the White Ku Klux Klan is racist, ‘affirmative action’ policies are racist, and even the U.S. census is racist (as it too makes racial distinctions) since all of these groups and policies make distinctions on the grounds of race. There is nothing negative about racism, inherently.”

Listening to the incessant blathering of the mainstream media it would seem that ‘discrimination’ is a tool of the devil. At the same time the U.S. government, whose public relations division is the aforementioned media, actively discriminates against Whites with its ‘affirmative action’ policies. At least in the United Kingdom the government is a tad less deceitful, calling such anti-White policies ‘positive discrimination’. But this begs the question what is ‘discrimination’? Declares Mr. Hale, it is simply a word “… that means the making of choices. Whenever you go to a grocery store, you discriminate as to which products to buy. When you marry, you discriminate as to whom you believe is desirable as a mate for life. When you drive to work, you discriminate as to the route you think is the best to get there. When you watch television, you discriminate in your choice of channels … All life involves discrimination, the making of choices … To ban all ‘discrimination’ in society would ban all choosing and thus render men total slaves, for is it not true that the slave in chains has likewise been deprived of all choice in how to live.” (p. 33)

The newest weaponized term in the anti-White arsenal is ‘White privilege’. This term was coined by the nefarious Dr. Peggy MacIntosh. This agitprop is being actively pushed at today’s college campuses or better said, shoved down their throats. Stories abound of ‘White privilege’ bulletin boards being put up in dormitories with the expressed desire of shaming and demoralizing impressionable young White adults. The idea is that all that White people have is unearned and that’s not fair to the blacks and browns! “… how often have we heard the word ‘Privileged’”, argues Mr. Hale, “as a sort of code word for White people, with it sometimes even being said that simply by being White, we are ‘privileged’ in life? Tell that to the White man who is working two or more jobs just to keep his family fed, housed, and clothed. Tell that to the White single mother who struggles to find a babysitter who doesn’t charge nearly as much as her own wages. Tell that to the White men whose job is that of digging coal from the bowels of the earth whose wage is a pitiful fraction of that of black actors, black sports players, and black talk show hosts. The word when used in regard to our White people implies that we didn’t work for what we have, that what we have came from the toil of others. Is it not though the black man who makes (not earns) tens of millions of dollars per year by bouncing a ball on a floor and tossing it into a basket, privileged? Is not a certain black talk show host whose ‘net worth’ is over a billion dollars privileged? Are not the thousands and perhaps millions of blacks who have their employment and position of employment due to government discrimination in their favor, privileged? Are not the millions of illegal Mexican invaders who could have been met at the border with gunfire by the U.S. Army privileged to instead be given a job, free education, and free health care?” (pp. 46-47)

Matt Hale

Those White people who aren’t content to imbibe media bread and circuses but rather express concern about the White demographic demise are routinely derided by the political class and their ‘mainstream media’ presstitutes as ‘haters’ and ‘white supremacists’. How does Mr. Hale view this boob tube babbling? On p. 78 he writes, “Let it be clearly stated that the matter is not, and never has been, about hating or disliking non-whites but rather that White people should not hate or dislike themselves. Thus the propaganda that has attacked any sense of White self-love has always wrongly labelled that self-love as ‘hate’ when the reality is that the true hatred actually rests with those White people who do not care about the continued existence of White people as a people. In other words, amazingly enough, White people are smeared as ‘haters’ for daring to love their own race but it is the White people who do this smearing who actually are motivated by hate even if the hate is so deeply within their subconscious that they do not recognize it. This was intimated earlier but let it be explicit. Now, after generations of this mind subversion, attacking White loyalists as ‘haters’ has become almost second nature, routine, and automatic without giving any thought to what is really at issue.” Sinister semitic organizations such as the ADL and the SPLC spend their waking hours spewing hate at White advocates for being ‘haters.’ Mr. Hale finds this situation to be logically deficient at best. On p. 41 he writes, “In sum, harboring a negative emotion towards someone for that someone allegedly harboring a negative emotion is problematic, to say the least, and it becomes downright sad when it turns out that the person was misjudged in the first place! The prime motivation of every White man who loves his White Race and its culture is none other that the preservation of the same. Should he really be a target of hatred for feeling this love? If he were really a hater, he would not attach himself to his race and culture, for attachment is a form of love, not hatred. The current society has totally missed this fundamental point and slashes its own hate-driven swords at a phantom largely of its own making.”

Mr. Hale’s rhetoric is aimed squarely at the youth of today. On p. 113 he boldly declares, “… I tailor this exhortation to the mindset of the young. Let them lead the way for the chains upon their minds have not been so fixed, no so locked, as otherwise. They know that the present painting need not be painted with the same strokes of the brush for ever and ever, that we can paint differently as we choose. The world is their oyster, after all, not their straightjacket! The concrete has been poured but has not yet hardened with them – or with me either if I can dare to say that I am still young.” As a seasoned observer of Western Civ’s downfall under the multiculti regime, this writer cannot help but think that political movements — much like the empires of old — come and go and that the anti-white propaganda has likely reached its state of max saturation. With ‘gay marriage’ having been forced upon the country by unelected judges all that remains on the ‘social justice warrior’ agenda is the decriminalization of pedophilia. On p. 80 Mr. Hale writes, “… the so-called ‘modern’ world of today is the old world of tomorrow. The supposedly enlightened opinions of today applauding the degradation, devaluing, and dispossession of our White people may well be considered foolish, backward, and insane tomorrow. The haters of White identity, White pride, and White advocacy are matched with their ignorance only by their arrogance in the thought that some kind of ‘Brave New World’ has been reached that will never be questioned, never be critiqued, and never be discarded.

Their recency in time does not give them potency of right. No so-called ‘end of history’ has been reached as history has no end. The world of White emasculation has lasted a few decades but a few decades do not dictate to eternity.” Mr. Hale has faith in the youth; that they will rebel against the demented society that their parents have bequeathed upon them by their passive collaboration and obeisance to an anti-human system whose obvious but unstated goal is a world without White people. On pp. 121-122 he lays out the kind of youthful rebellion which is needed to reverse the present genocidal situation: “The youth, especially, know that tomorrow need not be like today. There is no path of egg shells that they fear traversing for fear of upsetting rotten eggs! Their will is their command, not the stone tablets of yesterday that were already brittle when they were being etched. How joyous the youth will find it to say yea! to that which their elders (currently) demand a nay! How distasteful, how discontent they will be with the phony equality dogma whose drink they want imbibed. What better way to rebel, what better way to revolt, than to be racial in the sea of the raceless, the periscope amidst the quarry, the lightning bolt in the field of drab! For make no mistake my young Brothers and Sisters, there is no dynamism in the status quo, there is no revolution in reaction, and there is no idealism in emulating your parents! You need not to be their clones, and you need not carry their pitchers of water. If their minds remain in chains, yours need not be alongside.“

The central thesis of Hale’s book is that White minds are in chains. On p. 4, he lays out multiple examples of White mental enslavement: “You think I exaggerate? Then let me ask you this: would you feel comfortable donning a T-shirt in public that says ‘I’m proud to be White’ upon it? If you are a political leader, would you be comfortable stating on camera that you are concerned about the future of White people? If you are a wealthy businessman, would you be willing to publicly announce and endowment to create a United White College Fund? If you are a ‘community organizer,’ as our current president was, would you be willing to openly organize Whites as Whites? If you were a college student, do you feel free to create a White Student Alliance alongside the Black, Latino, and Asian? Do you feel free to open your mouth in class to defend the so-called ‘dead white males’ as they are being castigated by a professor? Do you feel free to proclaim to the world that you are proud to be White and see no reason to apologize for anything your ancestors supposedly ‘did’ to the other races? If not, you are indeed in chains, your actions fettered by the enslaved minds of others – or by the chains that grip your own mind.” Throughout the ‘nominally white’ world a glaring double standard is being perpetrated in the open and is obvious to all but the blind. Non-whites are encouraged to show racial solidarity and tend to their own while there are negative taboos and indeed consequences associated with Whites showing loving advocacy for their own kind. Writes Mr. Hale on p. 78-79, “Every White man in his employment, and every White man especially on television, knows that if he dares say anything that could violate the societal dogma of White self-immolation, he faces almost certain firing or worse. Thus our White people are trained to think that such thoughts are bad, indeed reprehensible, when they are not, for we are psychologically predisposed to believe that only that which is bad is subject to be punished. In other words, if caring about the future of White people as White people weren’t bad, why would people face punishment (persecution) for expressing thoughts along those lines? Through repeated “examples” being made of anyone who expresses any White loyalist feelings (firing, arrest, verbal condemnation, etc.), our people are deluded into believing that White loyalty is wrong the same way that societal oppression determined what was deemed right and wrong in George Orwell’s 1984.”

Not only are White people, as a group, frightened to speak up for their own legitimate self-interests, it seems as if they are unconsciously acting out some sort of mass suicide pact. Who knows? Perhaps aborting their own children and adopting children of other races is their version of drinking Jim Jones Kool Aid? Writes the author, “No creature on earth, past or present, has ever been as willing to sacrifice its own best interests as has our White people. Indeed, we are now practically programmed to not even consider those best interests after decades of media, government, and classroom propaganda. Indeed, with a White people that is today unwilling, and perhaps even unable, to conceive that it has a separate, unique, and important independent existence, how can it conceive that it has ‘best interests’ to protect at all?” (p. 76)

Mr. Hale maintains that the collective anti-white mental illness known as ‘multiculturalism’ is akin to a house of cards waiting to be blown over; that it is nothing more than an airwave-born phenomenon, spread from television screen to White mind. “Had there never been television, there never would have been any particular regard for multiracialism. And even today, were television to cease to exist, all regard for multiracialism would quickly follow suit! For that was the conduit of your manipulation, my Brothers and Sisters! You were bombarded by images of those not of your own race and thus of course, the multiracial, mongrel society seemed “normal” to you! Your thoughts followed the images; your world was created for you through a boob tube! And today those of our people, our race, our kind who are filled to the brim with hate for what we lovers of White Life love, only harbor that hate because of their manipulation through the screens of their living rooms, their bedrooms, their kitchens, and elsewhere! Expose the manipulation, my bretheren!” (p. 142)

As of this writing Whites are already a minority in the United States. True, the 2010 U.S. Census declared that non-hispanic Whites constituted 62% of the population but this same census fails to document the estimated 40-50 million illegal aliens residing within our borders. They are as the mainstream media says “undocumented”. Our legal immigration policy allows in excess of one million persons per year, of which less than 10% are White. Similar scenarios are playing out in Canada, Australia and Western Europe. Our children’s inheritance is literally being given away to the people of the Third World by traitors within our midst. On p. 171 Mr. Hale opines, “Today our White race is in fact dying … the despoilment and humiliation of the White race is everywhere. Our culture is being taken from us, our genes are being destroyed through rampant mongrelization, and we are being assaulted and killed by non-whites on an incessant basis.”

The only solution to the White races impending genocide and extinction is the creation of White racial states, ethnostates created for the express purpose of shielding Whites, the world’s true minority group, from the growing brown tide. On p. 172 Mr. Hale takes aim at those sinister forces responsible for the global White genocide campaign: “We do not, for example, accept the idea that anyone has a right to a “liberty” that includes conduct that destroys our racial life. On the same page he expresses the guiding principle behind creating White racial states. He writes, “To create a Racial State that would end such a destruction of our racial life is thus justified by any decent moral standard and yet even if it weren’t, we would still be entitled to work towards it simply because we find it more desirable that the present situation. The ‘life, liberty and pursuit of happiness’ of our race is much on our minds.”

A look at historical maps shows that empires rise and fall. In the last century we saw the Soviet Union, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire come unglued only to be replaced by numerous monoethnic successor states. A similar fate awaits the American Empire, which today is mindlessly ‘diversifying’ itself into oblivion. Mr. Hale points out that we are White people first regardless of where we live. And regarding the United States, he writes on p. 178, “To be blunt, why should we give a fig whether the United States of America continue to exist in their continued political form when the survival of our culture, our genes, and our very lives are at stake? So we no longer have fifty States. So what? For most of our history, we didn’t have fifty States either. So what if the union of States might end up being changed to something else? What’s more important, our name or our existence as a race? Do the people exist for the States or do the States exist for the people? We lovers of White Life say the latter as people throughout history have done the same. No ‘values,’ as the conservatives would say, or ‘civil liberties’ as the liberals would say, can possible trump the value of our very existence.”

The author makes no concrete suggestions of where to establish White ethnostates. On p. 181 he remarks, “In the United States for example there are several States whose populations are nearly all White and thus, with a few changes of law and policies, they can with little difficulty indeed become Racial States within the same border as exist today.” This reader sees such rhetoric as naïve given the current political order. Montana, given its current demographics, would fit the bill but the rising police state powers of Washington DC would quickly retaliate against any public movement to create a White ethnostate there. We would see the FBI quickly move to arrest movement leaders on trumped up charges – a tactic which Mr. Hale well understands – as do-gooder church groups import Somali ‘refugees’ into Helena, Bozeman, Great Falls and Butte. Looking back at the collapse of the world’s great empires of the past, one notices that the dissolution into smaller ethnically unique states came after the glue holding the various captive ethnic groups together weakened. The Roman Empire, for example, broke up into Spain, Italy, Britain, Germany, etc only after the political power of Rome had ceased to be a dynamic unifying force. At present the political power of Washington DC appears to be at its zenith but at one time Rome too boasted of its invincibility.

After identifying a White Racial State as the only way to avert the White race’s planet wide extinction Mr. Hale concludes his book by giving us a glimpse at the bright future available to our posterity once they have reassumed control over their destiny. To younger readers whose entire lifetime has been spent under the thumb of the multicultural regime, Mr. Hale’s lengthy analysis of the benefits of a Racial State offer a bright shining beacon on the horizon. Those “leftists” concerned with racial oppression, if they were sincere, would support a White Racial State because as Mr. Hale writes, “… it is not racial separation that causes oppression but rather it is racial integration, for only when the races are mixed together can one race oppress another.” (p. 185)

This reviewer highly recommends that everyone over age thirty reading this review obtain a copy of ENDING WHITE SLAVERY for him/herself and help the youth, tomorrow’s potential ‘greatest generation’, by purchasing copies for all youth in his/her circle of influence. Ideas have consequences. From this generation will arise the heroes who shall slay the multicultural beast and they need every weapon at their disposal. When put into the hands of impressionable youth, Matthew Hale’s common sense and persuasion will banish multicultural lies and its resultant suicidal thinking. Together we can unchain one White mind at a time.

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