Rich French Unhappy They Got a Migrant Camp Next to Them

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 2, 2018

This should be the rule: put the migrant camps next to the rich neighborhoods.

It is overwhelmingly the rich who signal how good they are by encouraging mass immigration into white countries, and it is almost exclusively the poor and middle classes who pay the price by getting displaced and attacked by these animals.


The residents of a luxurious area of Paris told RT that they’re afraid troublemakers are among the newcomers after the authorities settled around 170 migrants in the area.

Earlier this week, hundreds of migrants were cleared from their makeshift camps along the canals in the French capital, and some of them were moved to a newly-built shelter in Bois de Boulogne park.

The green area is located along the western edge of the wealthy 16th arrondissement of Paris, which hosts the home of former president Nicolas Sarkozy, the Parc des Princes arena of PSG football club as well as the Roland Garros tennis stadium where the French Open is currently underway.

The move came as a surprise for the locals, who said that they now have security concerns. “I think that people here are not very pleased that this people [migrants] are here,” one of the 16th arrondissement residents told RT. “They are afraid that some of them must be very difficult… some of them are very-very nice, I’m sure, but a little part of them are, maybe, bad.”

Not everybody had grim expectations though, another resident told RT that her life was unaffected after the migrants moved in. “We don’t see any changes. We don’t communicate with migrants because we don’t see them at all in the area,” she said.

This view was countered by a local woman, who said that moving migrants to Bois de Boulogne was a mistake because the area around it “is populated by many old people, who aren’t really open-minded. So I think that this area isn’t the most welcoming.”

Generally, the governments are aware of this and allow the rich to avoid being around this migration they so adamantly support.

In Columbus, Ohio we have entire parts of our city taken over by Somalians.

These are working and middle class areas that were conquered, the people living there either forced out or forced to adapt to Somalian culture.

Meanwhile, in the rich areas, every single person has one of these signs in their front yard.

Third language is Somalian.

And it just leaves a man thinking: bitch, if you want to live around Somalians, then why don’t you go do it? Why don’t you go live in the neighborhoods that have already been transformed into a multicultural paradise? Why do we only see “immigrants welcome here” signs in neighborhoods with no immigrants (other than maybe a couple Chinese medical professionals)?

It is absolutely disgusting that mass immigration is a project of rich shitlibs and only those in lower socio-economic positions suffer the consequences.

I hate Marxist rhetoric, but if ever I was going to use the term “class war,” it would be here.

So good on the French, for forcing rich shitlibs to witness what they have wrought.