Right-Wing Nazis Clash with Left-Wing Faggots on the Streets of Melbourne

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
June 26, 2017

Melbourne, Australia.

Like most multicultural utopias where rival tribes live side-by-side in harmony, Melbourne is becoming a more violent and troubled place.

One year today, for example, we saw anti-immigration and anti-fascist protesters scuffle on the streets, with 400 police brought in to maintain order.

At the start of 2017, we also saw 100 protesters disrupt a fundraiser held by Q Society, an anti-Moslem group whose speakers included senator Cory Bernardi.

(Bernardi received notoriety in 2012 for asking his fellow Australians an important question: Does fag marriage lead to sex with animals?)

This week in Melbourne, we see a far-right group called True Blue Crew going head-to-head with a bunch of GRIDS-riddled leftists.

Daily Mail:

Hundreds of protesters, some masked, clashed with police officers on the streets of Melbourne today as tensions between far-left and far-right wing extremist groups boiled over.

Members of far-right group True Blue Crew, waving Australian flags and holding a banner saying ‘Aussie Pride Nation Wide,’ clashed with left-wing activists holding an anti-racist rally in opposition.

Hundreds of police, some in riot gear, used pepper spray to keep rival demonstrators apart. Some protesters were treated by paramedics at the scene.

The massive police presence prevented violence from breaking out during the protests, as the True Blue Crew marched from Parliament House to Carlton Gardens and back.

The anti-racist rally was planned in response to the ‘Australian pride march,’ and activists held banners calling for fascism and racism to be fought.

The march, called the ‘Australian Pride March’ was organised to combat ‘anti-Australian agenda to destroy Australia Day, Anzac Day and any remaining Australian pride gaining momentum’, according to the Facebook page.

As usual, the photographs reveal a common trend: the right-wing Nazis are presentable, dignified and confident, while the left-wing faggots are scruffy, weak and unconvincing.

Just look at some of the slogans the faggots are carrying: “Racist-Free Zone,” “Halt the Homophobes,” “Unite and Fight Against Racism.”

None of these slogans have anything to do with the march itself, which is about preserving Australia Day and Anzac Day. (The former marks the 1788 arrival of British ships on the continent, and the latter honors the memories of Aussies and Kiwis who have died in wars.)

I suspect that most of these counter-protesters are kike-funded agitators who get bused-in to hundreds of similar protests to make it look like organized Leftism isn’t on a life-support system. That would certainly explain why their slogans are cookie-cutter nonsense that are not tailored to the specific event.

Of course, there are exceptions. I’m sure that this good German, who probably weeps every night for the six million Skaven that his Nazi ancestors killed with rodenticide, counter-protested the event for free.

Anyway, let’s hope that more of these marches occur in Melbourne in the future. Very few White people will look at these photos and think, “I want to be like the Antifa,” despite the Judenpresse’s attempts to frame them as the “good” guys.

But the Nazis? Yeah, they’re starting to look cooler by the day.