Rio LOL: French-Arab Dropped Off a Stretcher After Breaking Leg

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 7, 2016

I guess they should have hired Whites to carry the stretcher!

Brown people fail even at that!

USA Today:

Tragic French gymnast Samir Ait Said suffered further indignity after his devastating leg injury on Saturday – Olympics staffers dropped his stretcher as they were loading him into an ambulance.

A worldwide audience was horrified when Ait Said’s left leg snapped as he landed a vault during the men’s qualifying competition, with the lower half of his shin dangling grotesquely after the bone audibly snapped.

His ordeal took another bad turn follow minutes later when he was removed from the auditorium to be rushed to a Rio hospital, where he remained late Saturday. As staff moved the 26-year-old’s stretcher towards the edge of the ambulance floor, they appeared to lose control, sending it falling heavily to the floor.

While Ait Said was little known in the United States before the incident that earned him the sympathy of millions, he is a popular figure in his homeland.

At least with a broken leg, Ait Said won’t be able to sexually assault the maids!

Or maybe he will???

Here’s the leg-break video (WARNING: IT’S INTENSE):

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