Rite Aid Distribution Center Shot Up by Rowdy Negress! Three Dead! More Like Rong Aid, Amirite?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 20, 2018

Shooter identified!

I don’t know that this is a woman… but you can’t really tell, can you?

It’s shocking that the shoe is now on the other foot, and the black person is the violent one.

I never thought I’d live to see the day.

But I suppose after all the oppression, we have to expect that eventually, one black person will become violent.

Original article follows. 

Ereybuddy gettin shot out der dem days, dey sed.

Aint no Rite Aid safe no mo.


A woman killed three people and wounded two others Thursday at a drugstore distribution center in Harford County, Maryland, officials said.

A law enforcement official who had been briefed on the incident provided the casualty toll for CNN. Two law enforcement sources briefed on the matter confirmed the shooter is female.

The shooting occurred at a Rite Aid support facility about 30 miles northeast of Baltimore.

The suspect used a single handgun, Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler said at a news conference. The gunwoman is in custody and in critical condition at a local hospital.

The sheriff declined to answer reporters’ questions, including how the suspect was injured. No law enforcement officers fired shots during their response, he said.

lol “gunwoman.”


My spellchecker doesn’t even recognize it…!

I remember on Star Trek Voyager, they called the Captain Janeway “sir.” I think the proper term for a female gunman is “gunman.” Like the proper term for a female human is “human.” There is no “huwoman.”

Honestly, I don’t give a fuck.

On a long enough timeline, everyone gets killed in some weird mass shooting – whether it’s Moslems, boomers, Jewish schoolboys, women – whatever.

There is a 100% percent chance you will die in a mass shooting, assuming you do not die of something else first.

At least the Maryland Sheriff is on it.

This guy knows what’s up.

He’s been standing around sometimes, he’s gonna stand around again.