Rot in Hell, Kansas and Maine! You Cuckold Fags!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 6, 2016


A vote for the lip-glob is a vote for Goldman Sachs. Great job, Kansas and Maine.

Last night, Kansas and Maine betrayed America.

I am sickened.


I can’t even.


Cruz got 64 delegates. Trump got 49.

These are White states. We have been betrayed. The children of this country have been betrayed.

at least i still have the constitution

In Kansas, you have people who care more about feel-good Jesus and fetus talk than real life and living human beings. They don’t care if you’re a lying fraudmaster and dirty trickster – they don’t even care if you’re a booger-eater – as long as you talk about the Bible and make them feel all warm inside. They also want promises of wars so they can bring on the apocalypse.

In Maine, I have no idea what is wrong with these people. Apparently, they don’t know anything about diversity, and just don’t care if others have to experience it.

The whole situation has me incredibly angry.

It’s disgusting. The selfishness of these voters. The hatred of America.

absolutely disgusting

What do these faggots not understand about “funding my own campaign”? There isn’t really any other point that matters here. That is the only point. And everyone should be able to grasp that point.

This is very simple.

We are still winning though. Don’t forget that.