Russia: 19-Year-Old Girl Goes Full Maleficent, Kills 17-Year-Old Sister and Cuts Her Eyes Out, Ears Off

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 27, 2019

I’ll take the younger one, please.

Snow White is real life.

The wicked queen Maleficent asks the mirror who the fairest one of all is, and the mirror always says she is. Until Snow White blossoms into a teenager as Maleficent is aging into her 20s. Then the mirror tells her Snow White is the fairest.

So the wicked queen plots to kill her younger and more attractive rival.

This Russian murder actually took place back in 2016, though it’s just now going to trial because the killer was in a mental ward for the interim. Apparently, they’ve determined she’s fit to stand trial, because they’re putting her on trial.

Daily Mail:

A woman is to face trial for the brutal murder of her 17-year-old model sister whose eyes were gouged out and ears hacked off.

Stefania Dubrovina was stabbed 189 times in a frenzied attack in the Russian city St Petersburg.

Her sister Elizaveta, 22, is accused of hacking the model to death in an ‘envious‘ drug-filled rage, and faces up to 25 years in jail if convicted.

Elizaveta was detained for the horrific killing in 2016 but was sent for psychiatric treatment.

She is now deemed fit to face trial which is due to start soon.

She strongly denies the murder charge and new reports say she will instead accuse the dead girl’s ‘lover’ Alexey Fateev, now 44, in whose flat her sister died.

However, the prosecuting authorities say the man is a witness and not under any suspicion.

Yeah, I’m sure the 40-year-old dork killed his 17-year-old stripper girlfriend after spending God only knows how much money on her.

Only in Russia would the lawyer even let the bitch say that.

I mean, if he wasn’t ever even under investigation, how on earth is she going to do the “the real killer, your honor, is right here in this very courtroom” bit, like it’s Matlock?

Elizaveta, aged 19 at the time of the killing, is charged with ‘murder with particular cruelty’.

Fateev has denied on Russian TV that he had anything to do with Stefania’s death.

He told how he found Stefania’s massacred naked body after returning from a shop where he bought wine.

He detained Elizaveta to stop her fleeing before handing her over to police, he said.

In a court statement prosecutors said that the sister ‘acted with particular cruelty’ in gouging out Stefania’s eyes.

They said: ‘She scoffed at her sister, causing her to endure excruciating pain because of her dislike.

‘During the massacre, she inflicted at least 189 stabs on her sister – in the head, neck, torso, arms and legs.

‘The girl also sliced off her sister’s ears.’

At the time of the killing, newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda citing law enforcement sources reported that Stefania’s body was ‘almost ruined by cutting performed by the girl’s elder sister’.

She had posed for nude pictures shortly before her death but friends denied she had taken part in porn movies.

In an interview with the same newspaper, the girls’ mother Oksana Dubrovina said Elizaveta has now recovered her memory of events and her daughter claimed the man acted as a ‘demon’.

She alleged Fateev and Stefania were lovers and that he was jealous over the nude photographs.

Ms Dubrovina added: ‘And to put it mildly, Stefania was not loyal to him…’

On a TV show in 2017 she physically attacked Fateev and scratched his face.

lol yes, real life – the boyfriend and mother of the teenage girl who was cut to pieces in a sororicide were invited on a Jerry Springer style daytime TV show to duke it out.

At least the degeneracy in Russia is like, the normal degeneracy you would expect in a Shakespearean drama or what have you.

But seriously, understand this: women are vicious, hateful creatures. They do not have souls. They will kill their own family members and feel absolutely no remorse, then with a straight face, in front of all of the DNA evidence and everything else, blame the poor nerd boyfriend.

What’s more, the actual mother – whose other daughter is the one dead, mind you – will side with the woman out of female solidarity against this man whose only crime was happening to walk in on this incident.

You truly cannot even begin to imagine the depth of evil that is the black pit that is a woman’s heart.