Russia Conspiracy Hearing: The Comey Testimony – LIVE LIVE LIVE

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 20, 2017

UPDATE: Better Stream.

UPDATE: 12:55

Trump made a huge mistake by vaguely going along with the fake news Russian conspiracy narrative.

This is now being treated as an established fact.

And yet: no evidence.

There is an alleged cyber investigator report, but the Vault 7 leaks showed that the CIA has researched and developed the ability to hack people and make it look like someone else did it – and that this ability was released on the open internet and we don’t know who has it.

Comey and Rogers are both going along with this fake news, 100%.

It’s shameful.

UPDATE: 12:40

This whole attempt to crucify General Flynn is clearly the official Jew/Democrat planned route to try to impeach President Trump.

This whole hearing is about General Flynn.

UPDATE: 12:14

This bitch just keeps going on and on.

smdh why?

How is it possible that these people are in our government?

In this context, where it’s all white men (and the Jew), then they bring in this nigger, the contrast is incredible.

This is like forcing adults to answer to a bratty child.

UPDATE: 12:10

This whole thing is a Russian conspiracy fake news extravaganza. They just keep going on and on, but like the fake news media Jews, do not present any evidence

They’ve allowed some irate Negress into the hearing to berate James Comey.

She is confused. Sad!

Half expect her to ask him about Daily Stormer…

UPDATE: 11:27

Trey Gowdy brought up Clapper, Brennan, Susan Rice and Loretta Lynch in connection to the Flynn leak.

UPDATE: 11:13

Comey refused to comment on anything related to Roger Stone.

UPDATE: 11:10

Comey is supporting fake news narrative on Russia, saying they hacked DNC.

Rogers says GCHQ wouldn’t have tapped Trump for Obama. He says it would be illegal. He said the allegations (from Spicer) were ridiculous.

I think there is proof of all of this.

UPDATE: 11:06

Comey says he has no information to support Trump’s spying tweets. He added that the Justice Department told him to tell the committee the same thing.

He says that Obama couldn’t have ordered the tap himself.

He couldn’t comment on whether there was a FISA.

UPDATE: 10:55

Trey Gowdy established that the Flynn leak was illegal.

Time to investigate WaPo.

UPDATE: 10:45

The Jew gave an extreme fake news opening presentation, filled with all sorts of dirty Jewish lies with regards to an international Russian conspiracy.

Comey’s opening basically said that he wasn’t going to say anything about anything.

Admiral Mike Rogers appears to be a very straight shooter.

Original article follows.

This week is starting with a BANG!

Today is the day the fake news Jews have been waiting for.

Finally, it will be proven to the stupid goyim that fake news is real and Donald Trump is a secret agent of Russia.

Trump has called out the fake news kikes in anticipation of this radical fake news government hearing.