Russia Doubles Down: “If You Won’t Talk to Lavrov, You’ll Have to Talk to Shoigu”

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 3, 2018

As the Russians are moving anti-Jew missiles into Syria, they are referencing an “Iron Dome for Syria” and telling the Jews: “if you won’t talk to Lavrov, you’ll have to talk to Shoigu.”

This is a great one-liner, you have to admit.

And… potentially could be perceived as a threat of war. Or is just a threat of war.

Here’s the clip where Russia’s number one news anchor says it:

Lavrov’s the eloquent and soft-spoken diplomat. Shoigu is the grunting half-Buddhist warrior monk barbarian about to smite some kikes.

And all I have to say is…




It looks like the anti-Putin shills were proven wrong… again.

Feeling pretty smug, tbh.

And relieved.

In general, it helps if you just calm down and understand the Russian mentality a bit better before you get too worked up again.

Russians, generally, are more subdued in their reactions. The headlines about Putin “BTFO’ing” corrupt oligarchs and leaders of other countries almost never reflect the reality – which is how calm and measured Putin is.

Here, take a look and you’ll see what I mean.

This was after a mall fire that ended up killing scores of children this year.

Putin is calm and barely speaks above a whisper the whole time. Long pregnant pauses during which you can feel the fear emanating from the guilty officials that he’s talking to. They’re in big trouble, and everyone knows it.

But he doesn’t go off on them and yell. Doesn’t even put on a big show.

I kind of wish he did, because I’m a sucker for bread and political circus, personally.

It’s fun to write about.

I actually have no idea where the stereotype that Russians are loud and overtly aggressive comes from. When they’re sober, most Russians are sullen and low-key [Editor’s Note: The key part of that sentence is “when they’re sober.” -AA]. Not as bad as Finns, Balts and Scandinavians, but still more withdrawn than your average American, that’s for sure.


All those shills on imageboards saying that Putin rolled over and cucked and is secretly a Jew and only has one testicle… well, now you know that these people are just fucking wrong about everything.

The Russians paused, made their plans, and then moved quickly to retaliate.

And now we know why they waited a week: they were coming up with the cool catchphrase. 

BONUS: Going forward, this gives Russian society and politicians more leeway to be counter-Semitic.

This was a Russian USS Liberty incident, but this time, it wasn’t covered up. It’s going to become more politically acceptable to be anti-Israeli now.

If I could do an evil laugh, you know I would be doing it right now.

S-300s can not only cover Syria’s skies, but also Israel’s skies too…

This is so fucking based, I don’t even have words.

Them S-300s are probably already deployed in Syria rn.

Just sitting there, Shlomo in the crosshairs. It’s so nice to see Jewish chutzpah called out. Happens so rarely, I just want to savor it.


Really just bask in it! 

Doesn’t get better than this.