Russia: Head of Freemasons Sues Christian Politician Who Accused Him of Colluding with Foreign Powers

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 8, 2018

The Freemasons are one of many secret societies that are based on Jew Kabballah rituals.

I’m sure at one point in American history they may have been benign. I’m not sure of that. I would assume that.

Albert Pike seems okay. Although he was for sure into weird Jewish mysticism.

Whatever the history, throughout the 20th century, they served as a goyish proxy of the Jew. Hitler outright banned them. I think Stalin did too. I assume he did. I dunno, you can Google that. I know the Czar did. Jew Trotsky was big into it and described using Masonic handshakes to cross the border to escape Stalin.

Anyway, I imagine the accusations are true, but probably unprovable, because “secret society.”


The head of the Grand Masonic Lodge of Russia has taken a federal lawmaker, known for his staunch pro-Christian and anti-gay stance, to court, seeking material compensation over alleged public insults to the brotherhood.

In his lawsuit the head of Russian Freemasons, Andrey Bogdanov, wants MP Vitaly Milonov (United Russia) to refute the “false and insulting” statements about Freemasonry and also to pay 1 million rubles (about $14,700) in compensation for moral damages.

Milonov is awesome.

He bashes fags (he introduced the infamous gay propaganda laws).

He legalizes “domestic violence” (AKA feminist hoaxology).

He’s sort of like Putin’s populist attack ranger. news website quoted representatives of the claimant as saying that Bogdanov has attached with his lawsuit a conclusion of independent linguistic experts who had agreed that Milonov’s statements about Freemasonry could indeed be seen as humiliation and insults.

In March 2017 State Duma MP Milonov gave several interviews in which he spread false information that damages honor, dignity and business reputation of Andrey Bogdanov and the Grand Lodge of Russia,” reads the lawsuit. Bogdanov wants Milonov to refute his statements on the lawmaker’s official website and also on his page in Russia’s most popular social network, Vkontakte.

The claimant stated that even the headlines of mass media articles were insulting: “Freemasons are not as cute and picturesque as they are painted,” “Freemasons recruit civil servants of low rank in order to promote their interests” and “Milonov declares war on Freemasons.”

In the articles, Milonov accused the masonic brotherhood of interfering with Russia’s internal politics, undermining Russian democracy and servicing the interests of foreign states, that host the headquarters of all major Masonic organizations.

Bogdanov’s legal action against Milonov can be seen as defense because in March 2017 the lawmaker proposed to launch an investigation into all Russian Freemason lodges to check their compliance with the Russian Law on Foreign Agents, which restricts the political activities of foreign and international groups.

Russia has successfully banned the Jehovah’s Witnesses as a subversive group, and they pistol-whip these motherfuckers. I don’t really see why they should have difficulty banning the Freemasons. Except that the Freemasons are presumably much more powerful.

They still do have power in random countries across the world. Overall in the US, they are not a relevant thing anymore, everything is just run by thinktanks, all out in the open. There is literally no need for a secret anything in America, because you can do whatever the shit you want in public and get away with it.

Just for example, the entire series of Bush wars was faked by people who planned the fake wars and hoaxing the people in public. The only secret thing was the intelligence was fixed, and that got leaked and the wars just kept coming. So all the stuff that has to be secret has been replaced by intelligence agencies.