Russia Insider Editor Goes on Red Ice to Talk About How to Stop the Lying Kikes

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 14, 2018

If you didn’t hear about it at the time, here’s a reminder: Charles Bausman decided to name the Jew in his publication a couple of months ago. The article is here.

And now he’s going on Alt-Right media programs like Red Ice:

Good on him.

Here on the Alt-Right, we try to keep our noses to the grindstone, hammering away at the problems of kike subversion, non-White demographic replacement and shitlib traitors ruining our countries.

But if you look around you at the state of the world from a geopolitical macro-perspective, it seems that we are heading towards a showdown.

The Russians are next on the chopping block and there will most likely be…something. The noose is tightening around Russia. The Kikes will probably try to trigger another White War to drive the death nail into our civilization.

Think about what happened to Athens and Sparta.

It was a civil war that led to the conquest of their weakened country by foreigners. We face the same threat.

Therefore, it’s important to always keep an eye on Russia and the narrative surrounding Russia. They’re the Sparta to our Athens.

And I believe that the Jews are going to try and channel the rise of nationalist sentiment and redirect it at the Russkies, instead of on the Moslem filth where all this hate rightfully belongs.

Think of it like a Hegelian Reaction if you’re a big-brain nibba.

You have a Thesis – mass Third World immigration, and then the logical Antithesis – rising Nativist sentiment. All of this can lead to a Synthesis, which would be a redirection of righteous patriotic anger at something else…crazy shit, huh?

It’s a Russian conspiracy theory I heard of a while ago. 

It goes like this: the West is allowing the mass-immigration into its countries to engender a nativist reaction which they will then redirect East to finally level Russia and impose the NWO.


Well conspiracy theories aside, it’s just worth pointing out that the only people that its ok to hate in the West are the Russians at this point. Because they’re White, and don’t allow fag marriage or something.

As an experiment, try saying, “the Mexicans hacked our election” and see how quickly you lose your job. 

Don’t actually do that. But you get the point. And I bet you could still get a lot of basic bitch Boomers who would support yet another war that has younger generations dying for “muh freedums” or whatever the fuck.


We gotta stay vigilant. Who knows what the kikes have up their sleeve.