Russia is Building Orthodox Churches at a Breathtaking Pace

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 27, 2018

This is a great heartwarming story. It turns out that most of these churches are being crowdfunded by local Russians, this isn’t even a government top-down initiative.

It’s just Russians raising money to do this themselves through a sort of NGO fund.

And amazingly, this NGO isn’t just stealing the money like they usually do a la Clinton Foundation or Gates Foundation. And in Russia where corruption is rife, this is a big deal.

Russia Insider:

The curator of the church building program in Moscow, the “Program for the Construction of Orthodox Churches of Moscow,” also known as the “200 Program” State Duma Deputy Vladimir Resin, has announced that 62 church complexes were built in the capital over the past eight years, reports Interfax-Religion.

“In all, over the past eight years, 62 church complexes have been erected in Moscow (45 as part of the program and 17 outside of it),” Resin said on Thursday at the XXVI International Nativity Readings, noting that 38 of the churches are already in use.

And the project calls for a total of two hundred Churches to be built in Moscow, within walking distance of every residential zone.

That’s pretty impressive.

And I know, I know, Moscow certainly has a migrant Muslim problem. But at the same time, it seems that Russia has a rising nativist and Christian solution.

And arrests in Moscow are stepping up because of the election year.

Here’s an older and lulzier video.

So it’s not all blackpilled stuff.

But back to Orthodoxy and churches.

There was recently even a priest on the biggest late night political talk show hosted by a Steven Miller-type Jew who likes to wear Chinese-style Mandarin robes.

He basically makes the case for returning Russia to a Theocratic-Monarchy.

And again, this was on Russian mainstream media.

I don’t know what’s going down in Russia, but it seems like people are getting into this whole Russia Stronk, Orthodoxy thing.

And while it’s not explicitly racial, most Orthodox churches are pretty good about not cucking on the central tenants of Christianity – which include not being a degenerate and not sucking up to Jews and Muslims.

So overall, great news. Russia Stronk. Keep it up, slav-bros.