Russia: School Stabbing/Arson Attempt Proves What Exactly?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 18, 2018

Welp. The school shootings have spread to Russia.


Four people have been injured after a student armed with a knife stormed his school in the Republic of Bashkortostan in Russia’s Urals, and attempted to set it on fire, officials said.

The incident took place on Wednesday morning in Sterlitamak, the second-largest city in the republic. “According to our information, four injured people, including three children, were transported to a hospital in Sterlitamak,” Russia’s Health Ministry has confirmed.

A 17-year-old boy was armed with a knife and attempted to set fire to the school after attacking several people inside a classroom. The attacker “entered the Computer Science class” and attacked a female student and a teacher with a knife, Russia’s Investigative Committee said in a statement. He then ”poured out a flammable substance,” set it on fire, and tried to commit suicide. When the fire alarm went off, one of the students from a nearby class jumped from the window out of fear.

I actually know a lot of people from Bashkortostan. They’ve got an interesting look to them.

They’re this strange Turkish/Mongol/White mix and overall, their women are breddy gud.

You would think they were just southern European or something if you didn’t know better.

That’s probably because Russian colonists BLEACHED them over hundreds of years. The result is that they’re these nominally Moslem (but not actually practicing), high IQ, exotic-looking people that make the tastiest honey in the world.

They also absolutely hate their neighbors, the Tatars in Tatarstan.

Modern Tatars share a similar history to the Bashkirs, but unlike the Bashkirs who joined Russia more or less willingly, the Tatars had to be smashed to pieces first by the Tsars. They’ve since developed a reputation as being nasty merchants, drug dealers and criminals in Russia.

But just like the Bashkirs, they’ve got a lot of White DNA and that makes them quite clever. And yes, they’re also nominally Moslem.

Unlike the Bashkirs though, the Tatars have a serious resentment complex. They tried to break away from Russia in the nineties and their leaders go to Sweden where they’re trained by the government and NGOs on how to be rabble-rousers in Russia.

Occasionally you have Tatars chimping out and attacking Bashkirs – who are the more peaceful of the two.

I think that may have been what happened here. 

Or idk. Perhaps this was just part of the whole school shooting cult/wave that’s spreading all over the world because of the internet, the beta uprising and a growing hapa spree-killer subculture.

Also, there’s the problem that the entire Moslem world faces – Wahabi-style radical Islam.

And if I know anything about edgy teenagers, I know that they’re into dark, transgressive, satanic shit. So there’s been a spike in kids from atheist families but historically Moslem ethnicities getting into ISIS-style shit, listening to their nasheeds and talking about going to Syria. Also, there’s some weird Nazi/Wahabi hybrid thing going on with some of these groups that I’ve heard about.

Kind of like what Atomwaffen had going on

There are plenty of White Russian skinheads don’t get me wrong, but there’s also a lot of these Moslem minorities that are drawn to Nazism because of the anti-Slav aspect of it and Hitler allying with Russia’s Moslem minorities during World War II.

In other words, it’s a giant, confusing fucking mess.

I don’t know if the recent spat in knife attacks in Russian schools has anything to do with edgy Satanic Nazism, Wahabism, Hapa Beta Male Rage, or violent video games.

I’m just laying out all the possibilities here for you.

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