Russia Shows Israel Who is in Charge, Sending a Bunch of Weapons to Assad Following Downed Russian Plane

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 25, 2018

This is Russian state media telling Israel that they are in charge of the Middle East. That is fantastic. 

Russia is really, really taking some aggressive measure against Israel after they shot down their plane (or caused it to be shot down, or whatever – they effectively downed the plane, and it was on purpose).

The produced a video showing for a fact that it couldn’t have been some freak accident.

Now they are sending extra weapons to Syria in retalliation.


Russia’s decision to boost Syrian air defenses in response to the downing of an Il-20 plane amid an Israeli raid is meant to sting, but not pose a serious threat to Israel’s national security, experts told RT.

Last week, a Russian Il-20 electronic warfare plane with 15 crew on board was shot down off Syria’s coast by a Syrian anti-air missile fired in response to an Israeli air raid. The raid targeted the Latakia province, which houses a Russian airbase.

Moscow accused Israel of failing to warn the Russian military of its impending attack in time to move the landing aircraft out of harm’s way. On Monday, the Russian military said they would boost Syrian air defenses in several ways to prevent similar incidents in the future.

“It was inevitable that at some point [Israel] would cross that line in its special relationship with Russia and would go a bit too far,” said Beirut-based journalist Martin Jay.

“The deal that [Russian President Vladimir] Putin gave to Israel was incredible. It [not only] allowed Israel to make air strikes with impunity across the country on targets that it believed to be Hezbollah weapons factories or Iranian military installations.”

Russia had also promised to keep pro-Iranian militias away from Syria’s border with Israel and froze a planned delivery of an S-300 long-range air defense system to the Syrian armed forces. This deal has now been unfrozen and is to be completed within two weeks, Moscow has announced.

“I think all bets are off now. Russia is showing Israel who is in charge and that it won’t take any more nonsense,” Jay told RT.


The Czar is in charge.

And he isn’t going to be pushed around by Jews.

He’s been very patient… but his patience has expired.

I sure hope all bets are off.

I really did not see this coming.

But it is a fantastic development.