Russia: Two Islamics Kill Two Cops in New Year’s Eve Stabbing Attack

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
January 2, 2020

In Europe, Moslem knife attacks on New Year’s Eve have become as much of a tradition as singing Auld Lang Syne.

Last year, the most vibrant and auspicious attack occurred in the UK.

This time, it’s Russia.

Which is admittedly less expected.

Daily Mail:

Two police officers have been killed after two Islamic terrorists launched a New Year’s Eve attack in Russia.

Mikail Miziyev, 18, and Akhmed Imagozhev, 22, attacked a police checkpoint in Magan, near the border with Georgia, shortly before the clocks struck midnight.

Zelemkhan Kokorkhoev, 34, a married father of four, died after being run over by a Lada Granta driven by the two men and then stabbed.

His partner, officer Zurab Daurbekov, was then attacked and stabbed to death.

Mikail Miziyev and Akhmed Imagozhev.

CCTV captured the moment the men launched their attack, speeding towards Kokorkhoev as he stood on the sidewalk before striking him.

The men can then be seen jumping out of their car and running towards a nearby police patrol car where Daurbekov is sitting.

The officer is pulled out of his vehicle and then stabbed to death as he lies on the pavement nearby.

In the meantime, more officers arrive before opening fire on the terrorists, shooting Miziyev dead..

Imagozhev, a Russian arm wrestling champion, was also shot in the confrontation but was not killed and is now in hospital.

An image of the pair posing with knives was then uncovered on social media.

A message reading ‘love and hatred based on Tawhid!’ – referring to the central concept of the Islamic faith – was written underneath.

Zelemkhan Kokorkhoev and Zurab Daurbekov.