Russian Cartoon Accused of Subverting the Youth, Creating Putin-Bot Army!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 19, 2018

Yo, why does anybody even, like, listen to the media and the intellekshuals anymore, like seriously wtf is this shit?

Take a look.

The Times:

A programme about a mischievous girl and a bear watched by millions of British children is accused of being a “soft propaganda” tool for the Kremlin (Mark Bridge writes). The English-language Masha and the Bear has more than 4.18 million subscribers on YouTube and, in various languages, the animated series has gained 40 billion views across 13 channels.

Children enjoy watching the feisty little girl and her gentle giant protector. However, critics in Russia’s neighbouring states have claimed the series, from a Moscow studio, is part of the country’s propaganda machine. Professor Anthony Glees, of the University of Buckingham, an intelligence expert, said: “Masha is feisty, even rather nasty, but also plucky. She punches above her slight weight. It’s not far-fetched to see her as…

The rest is behind a paywall. And no thank you, I don’t think it’s worth subscribing to read more bizarre Twilight Zone tier journalism like this that has me questioning whether chaos demons are real because of how over-the-top insane it is.

Imagine the NPCs right now – you know the ones who condemn “conspiracy theorists” who have a series of questions about the Filipino fake pipe-bomber – imagine them reading this and saying to themselves, “yeah, that cartoon was planted on TV by Russian agents to subvert the youth.”

Daily Mail:

In one Masha even dons a Soviet border guard’s hat as she repels invaders from the Bear’s carrot patch.

Critics said this was a metaphor for how Russia protects its borders.


The show, which has more than 4.18 million subscribers on YouTube and an accumulative 40 billion views, is produced in English in Moscow but has still drawn the ire of intellectuals in Russia’s neighbouring states.

Yeah… the same intellekshuals who can’t notice blatant Satanic imagery in Hollywood movies all of a sudden can see a hidden agenda when it suits them, it turns out.

Last year, Finland’s top newspaper – Helsingin Sanomat – quoted a lecturer at Tallinn University’s Communication School as claiming that the bear symbolised Russia and was designed to place a positive image of the country in children’s minds. The lecturer, Priit Hobemagi, said that the series was a ‘beautifully presented’ part of a campaign that is dangerous for Estonian national security.


How did they even draw such a conclusion?

Anthony Glees, an intelligence expert from The University of Buckingham told The Times: ‘Masha is feisty, even rather nasty, but also plucky.

‘She punches above her weight. It’s not far-fetched to see her as Putinesque.’

Maybe this was written by a shitskin with a White name who thinks all White people look the same?

Otherwise, he high AF.

Russia’s state media have refuted the claims from the likes of Estonia and Lithuania.

They have also branded the concerns in the Baltic states as ‘pathological’ Russophobia.


Lol. Who would have thought that a Russian cartoon would have Russian-looking characters wearing Russian clothes… Gotta be a Russian hacker conspiracy.

From what I understand, they got some insanely butthurt Balts and UK “intelligence experts” together to come up with the theory that the cartoon promotes Putinist repression.

Yeah man, if I were Russia, I would be pissed AF.

So sick of all these little twerps around me constantly doing all their bullshit…

Soon… soon.