Russian Town Overrun with Polar Bears Because of Global Cooling (North Pole is Too Cold)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 7, 2019

This is a funny story.

But it actually happens regularly, and has happened as long as the village has been there, and it has nothing to do with global warming.

The village is literally inside of the natural habitat of the bears.


More than 50 polar bears have descended on a village in Russia’s far north.

All public activities in Ryrkaypiy, in Chukotka region, have been cancelled, and schools are being guarded to protect residents from the bears.

Conservationists say climate change could be to blame, with weak coastal ice forcing the bears to search for food in the village rather than at sea.

Other experts have said polar bear visits are now so frequent, Ryrkaypiy should be permanently evacuated.

Tatyana Minenko, head of Ryrkaypiy’s bear patrol programme, told Ria Novosti that they had counted 56 polar bears in the village.

The animals were “both adult and young… there were females with cubs of different ages”, she said – adding that almost all of them appeared to be thin.

While the odd bear has always wandered in, 200 of them came down in 2017. Instead of blaming it on the global warming hoax, at that time they stated the fact it was because of a herd of walruses moving south.

The Siberian Times, October 19, 2017:

Around 20 beasts have surrounded  Ryrkaypiy, with one bear cub trying to get into a house through the window.

The polar bears were attracted by 5,000 walruses that appeared this year at a special protection zone in Chukotka.

Many of the frightened flippered marine mammals fell off cliffs at Kozhevnikova Cape as they sought to flee the invaders.

Several hundred fell to their deaths, and the polar bears then ate the carcasses.

Head of WWF project Polar Bear Patrol, Viktor Nikiforov, said: ‘This autumn the situation is alarming.

‘Many crashed, falling from a height.

‘Their rookery had attracted polar bears.

‘The walruses were obviously frightened by the predators, panicked and fell from the top to their deaths.’

‘Up to 5,000 walruses were on the rookery, but there were a lot of dead animals – several hundred…

Now the walruses have migrated away but the village remains surrounded.

‘Now the walruses are gone, but about 20 polar bears remain practically next to the village,’ he said.

‘There is enough food for them (from the many fallen walruses), but several young bears approach to the houses out of curiosity.

‘Three days ago, a bear squeezed in a window and tried to get inside.

‘It’s clear that people are frightened.’

Polar bears do not actually live on the North Pole. They just live in the far north.

This is a map of polar bear living space:

And the village of Rykaypiy is inside of that:

The bears are not moving outside of their normal habitat, it is simply that people have moved into theirs.

The village was set up by native Eskimo-type Russians to hunt walruses, which the polar bears also hunt.

Then during the Soviet era, it was collectivized as a reindeer farm, where they would raise herds of reindeer.

I can’t find anything about it in English, but I would assume that the expansion of the village made it a target for polar bears, who, like all other bears, will eat trash, as well as probably small reindeer.

Whatever the case, it’s definitely a problem these people have been dealing with since long before anyone ever heard of global warming, or climate change.

And it’s certainly gotten worse since there was a global ban on hunting these bears, which caused a massive expansion of their population, which is leading to their overhunting in regions further north.

Blaming things that were already happening on global warming is just par for the course these days, but it is amazing to watch.