Russian Truth-MOAB Triggers Entire City of Manchester

Daily Stormer
May 13, 2017

Standard Russian female journalist Alisa Titko

A female Russian journalist wrote about her experience of visiting the Sodom-tier city of Manchester in her newspaper, Komsomolskaya Pravda daily. The article triggered a tsunami wave of butthurt. The kind of tsunami a fat Manchester resident makes when they jump into a pool.

Daily Mail:

In the article, Ms Titko quoted one Russian visitor as saying: ‘Their women are so fat, they look disgusting to their men.

‘You see, they eat so much fast food and potatoes. And they drink beer from huge glasses. Here is the result.’

Average Manchester female.

Ms Titko then tells her readers: ‘It is true that there are many fat people in Manchester.

‘Local young women don’t mind when fat hangs down from their stomach and body – and does not fit into their jeans.
‘Whatever, when they go to a nightclub they put on tight fit leggings and mini-dresses.

‘Of course, it is hardly possible that men turn gay because girls are too fat and non-sexual. But it can influence it too.’

She then goes on to attack Manchester’s famous Gay Village.

‘In Manchester there is a whole part of the city for gay people. Nobody told me about it, I have found it myself when I was walking around the town,’ she wrote.

She claimed Manchester showed why people were wrong to call for Moscow to be ‘more tolerant to couples with non-traditional sexual orientation’ and that gay people openly holding hands and kissing was ‘disgusting’.

‘It is such a pleasure that there are no such gay streets in Moscow,’ she said.

She demanded: ‘Let’s remain Russian. Let’s start normal families. Let’s give birth in legal marriages and don’t mix love and debauchery’.

How often do you agree so completely with somebody? Eastern Europe is the last bastion for those of us who are sick of faggotry and hetero-hate pushed on us by the globalist kikes.

British journalists meanwhile, immediately rushed to ask the opinion of the only group that matters – fat women and gays.

Average Manchester dykes.

Emma Whelan, 32, a lesbian working in retail from Manchester, said it was ‘the craziest thing she’s ever heard’.

‘Obesity is an issue but not just in Manchester and not just women. If you are looking at someone based on just looks you’re doomed on failure.’

Josh, 26, added: ‘It is Russia and there are a lot of homophobic issues there. It’s very misguided and a very sweeping statement.’ 

Wayne Redding called Manchester the ‘best city in the world’, adding: ‘How very dare she!’ 

In Russia, where the media is still not totally under the control of the (((chosen race))), it is not a crazy, outmoded idea that sexual desire is linked to physical appearance. No amount of rubbish tattoos, greasy day-glo hair or “save the refugee whales” t-shirts will make up for one’s hideousness. An erection does not listen to virtue signaling, no matter the amount of Jewdenreich propaganda.

Deus Vult!

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