Russia’s Chief Rabbi is FUMING Mad That Putin Sent Those S-300s to Syria

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 9, 2018

How do you see this picture and not just, like, reflexively recoil?

He looks like he’s going to Judas Putin at the first opportunity.

In fact, he makes no secret about where his true loyalties lie.

Time of Israel:

The chief rabbi of Russia said that Moscow’s decision to give Syria advanced anti-aircraft missiles is a “mistake,” offering a rare rebuke of his country’s defense policy.

Berel Lazar, of the Chabad Hasidic movement, made his remarks Thursday at a conference organized by the Limmud FSU cultural group in Sighet, Romania.

Russia is giving Syria the S-300 system following the downing last month of a Russian intelligence gathering aircraft by Syrian forces responding to an Israeli strike over Syrian airspace. Russia has blamed Israel for the incident, which killed 15 Russian soldiers.

Lazar’s group, the Federation of Jewish Communities in Russia, often speaks out against expressions of anti-Semitism in Russia and aspects of Russia’s policy concerning Israel, including its voting in 2017 in favor of a UN resolution that ignores Jerusalem’s significance to Jews. But Lazar, who has said he opposes excessive involvement by Jewish community leaders in Russian politics, has seldom criticized Russia publicly over its bilateral relations with Israel on subjects devoid of a religious dimension.

The rabbi, a native of Italy who became a Russian citizen in 2000, went on to say that he and his organization “speak about [the S-300 issue] with the president,” referencing Putin. “We explain, I’d say, the sensitivity of this issue to our brethren in Israel, in Zion, and we hope Israel and Russia can continue to cooperate in stopping terrorism, stopping Iran, and that Israel will continue to guard its borders and neutralize any threat before it reaches its doorstep.” 

Methinks this Rabbi cares more about Israel’s interests than he does about Russia’s interests. Hmmm…

What’s interesting is that he’s a “Chabad” Jew.

That’s what the Kushners are.

Here’s a pic of Jared doing some weird Chabad chair shit. It’s like a cult obsessed with chairs the same way niggers are obsessed with Nikes.

They talk with this Rabbi from time to time. So, if you’re looking for a “Russian” connection, look no further.

But if I were the Rabbi, I would be mad as well. 

Russia putting its missiles in Syria is the biggest realistic threat that Israel has faced in the entire bloody century of its existence.

And with the Rabbi showing his true colors by going against the Tsar like this and the Israelis shooting down that Russian plane… I think a new golden age of anti-semitism might dawn on Russia.