Russia’s Taking This Whole WWIII Thing Pretty Well

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 8, 2019

Putin’s been pretty passive about this whole Russian Hacker thing. This, despite how incredibly insulting the defamation campaign against him is and how it is an obvious justification being set up for the coming war.

If Putin and Russia were to lose said upcoming war, The Night of Long Hacks will serve as the foundation of a new guilt myth that Washington and Tel Aviv will foist on the Russian people.

Remember the 6 million stolen votes, you Russkie swine! 

This is now a tried and true ZOG tactic: forcing nations that they defeat to do penance for their crimes.

This sort of thing used to be civilized. You’d attack a guy, he’d attack you. Then you’d all gather for drinks around a negotiating table and the winning side would demand tribute from the losing side and then you’d move on.

But these messianic Jews are trying to create a prison planet where everyone is serving time in the Penitentiary, doing penance for whatever concocted historic crime they’ve committed on whichever other ethnic minority (preferably the Jews).

Funny enough, they’ve already tried to foist this guilt narrative on Russia in the 90s. They tried to blame the death of millions of Ukrainians and ethnic minorities on Russians when they started pushing the 100 million dead under the Soviet Union meme. Luckily, most Russians eventually rejected the guilt narrative, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not looking for new guilt narratives. This Russian hacker thing is probably a bit too absurd, but the larger meme that Russia is guilty of “hijacking democracies” might be the charges that they read out at the Nuremberg 2.0 trials.

Note: this is why I will never endorse the whole Alt-Lite talking point about the 100 Gorillion dead under Russian Socialism meme. Not only is there just about as much proof for these fantastic figures as there is for the Holocaust, but it is also a blatant Demoralization campaign that is being waged on Russians and Slavs in general.

I hope Putin understands that there is only three ways that this can go.

  1. A revolution in America against the kikes and Deep State freaks that brings to power an America First government of patriots
  2. A nuclear duel between America and Russia
  3. Russia puffs up and decides to scare the shit out of Western citizens so that they back down

He should take a leaf out of the book of his Soviet predecessors. Khrushchev and his shoe trick come to mind.

The world becomes a more and more dangerous place the longer Putin suffers the escalating slights and attacks on his character.

Because no Soviet leader endured the kind of abuse that Putin and modern-day Russia does. 

This is because people feared that Khrushchev might snap and do something very rash and stupid.

No one fears that with Putin. Because the man has cultivated a very different persona: the reasonable, patient, cool and collected Mr. KBG guy.

This is the closest he ever got to making Washington, London and Tel Aviv pause is when he talked about becoming a martyr.

And now Trump is talking about putting short-range nukes in Europe once the INF Treaty expires. To top all that off, the EU is making noise and will soon start demanding that Russia move nukes back east across the Urals for no concessions at all. 

And it’s only a matter of time until the Baltic colonies get nukes on their soil from Washington as well. 

They’ve already got missiles, all they need are the warheads – which can easily be screwed on.

All this is to say that methinks this has gone on long enough.

Putin needs to flex on these motherfuckers and flex hard. 

I suggest dropping a nuke on a US ally. Perhaps he could drop a warhead in the Syrian desert on one of ISIS’s last strongholds.

Let the whole world see that he’s not messing around and that he’s willing to incinerate his enemies en masse. It would be like Trump’s MOAB flex during the North Korea negotiations. Or Truman’s flex on the Soviet Union when he dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Giving ground and being reasonable simply leads to NATO inching closer and closer to Russia’s borders.

Playing the role of the reasonable and understandable partner who is always willing to cooperate just isn’t working for Putin and Russia anymore. Time for a new strategy.

Time that Putin became the nuclear-armed madman that he was always meant to be.