Ryan Adams Promotes Anti-Semitic Trope That the New York Times is Run by Lying Rats

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 15, 2019

This is the new face of neo-Nazi and white supremacist hatred in America.

We’ve got anti-Semitic canards coming out of the wazoo these days. I mean anti-Semitic tropes. I don’t actually know the difference between anti-Semitic canards and anti-Semitic tropes, and they might be the same thing. Anyway, both are everywhere in 2019 America, as we quickly descend into a Hitler-type scenario.

Hot on the heels of Congressbulb Ilhan Omar promoting the discredited trope that AIPAC is a Jewish lobbying organization that seeks to influence American politics, singer Ryan Adams has responded to the New York Times claiming he is a bad boyfriend with virulent tropes.

In a now deleted tweet, Adams claimed that the New York Times was lying about him and that they are rats.

It is hard to think of a more virulent anti-Semitic trope than that the New York Times spreads false information about goyim in order to harm them.

And the idea that Jews resemble rats is one of the longest-running anti-Semitic canards of all time. Anti-Semites continue to make this claim, even though it has been proven to be untrue.

The canard was featured in the Nazi propaganda film “The Eternal Jew.”

It has since become popular in anti-Semitic memes on the internets.

The claim by Ryan Adams that he is going to “take down” the New York Times is also anti-Semitic, and appears to be a threat of a second Holocaust.

Six million Jews died and were transformed into decorative lampshades and bars of soap by Adolf Hitler during the first Holocaust, and Ryan Adams is suggesting we do this again. In light of all the tragedy experienced during the second World War, it is time that Ryan Adams resigns.

The Jews have already experienced one Holocaust and thousands of pogroms, all for absolutely no reason. Now is the time to stop this virulence once and for all.

It is the duty of the US government to protect the Jewish people from Ryan Adams. I am hereby calling on Donald Trump to immediately call for Ryan Adams to resign for expressing this sort of virulent hate with these tropes and canards.