Sales of Amphibian Dildos Skyrocket After “The Shape of Water” Sweeps the Oscars

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
March 7, 2018

The Shape of Water, a film about a white woman who forms a sexual relationship with a humanoid amphibian, swept the Oscars last Sunday. It even won the coveted award for Best Picture.

Given that Jews control these highly politicized award ceremonies, and that The Shape of Water pushes a thinly-veiled race-mixing agenda, a number of us probably saw this coming.

What we might not have seen coming (says increasingly nervous optimist for the 14th time that day) is that the sales of amphibian dildos reached the stratosphere after the film’s Oscar success!


Sales of dildo sex toys inspired by the Academy Award-winning film Shape of Water have skyrocketed following its success at the Oscars, The Wrap reports.

The dildos, which are inspired by a character known as the ‘Amphibian Man,’ reportedly sold out within 20 minutes of the film being awarded the Oscar for Best Picture at Sunday’s award ceremony.

“Our sales have gone through the roof!” the dildo’s sculptor told the outlet. “All ‘Shape of Water’ toys sold out as soon as I posted them… in less than 20 minutes!”

The sculptor, who works under the name Ere, added that she is considering creating another batch of similar dildos, saying that there was a “pretty good amount” of demand since Sunday.

The dildos, which are 100 percent silicon and based on what they believe the ‘Amphibian Mans’ penis would look like.

“I’ve been anticipating this movie for a while,” Ere said last month. “The shape, the character design are gorgeous — and I love [Guillermo] del Toro’s work.”

Well, reading that was like wading through spiritual sewage.

I mean, I knew that dildos of this nature already existed because anons on /pol/ think it’s funny to post images of them in threads about Sweden.

But it’s still depressing to realize that someone watched the film in the cinema, decided to make dildos based on the fish-beast’s cock and then sold them all in record-breaking time.

And it’s our Aryan Princesses buying these things, goys. Etsy, the host of the digital store that sold the dildos, has an overwhelmingly white female userbase. I’m sure some faggots bought a few of these “collectibles” to add to their impressive mantel displays, but let’s not kid ourselves here.

Check out more reviews here if you’re brave. 

I guess there’s nothing left to say except congratulations, kikes of Hollywood. Your film, directed by the sickening golem Guillermo del Toro (who won Best Director for his service to the agenda), achieved its goal. You created a narrative that glamorized bestiality, marketed it as an off-key love story to target impressionable women, and now those women are fantasizing about inter-species sex.

And compared to inter-species sex, interracial sex with Somalis and Arabs doesn’t seem as weird anymore, does it?

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