Salon: “Cut Trump Supporters Off” – This is Some Cult Shit TBH

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 15, 2018

Liberals are mad about Trump, we all know that.

But hey, this is a new level of classy.

Basically, just cut off anyone who likes Trump out of your life! Liberals were already doing this…but now they have an official liberal rag telling them that it’s their moral duty to kick the moral outrage into overdrive.

The goofy negroid chap Chauncey Devega writes for Salon:

Trump and Sessions’ and the Republican Party’s assault on the human rights and dignity of nonwhite immigrants and refugees has already turned lethal. Marco Antonio Munoz, a Honduran man seeking sanctuary, killed himself after having his child taken away from him. A 19-year-old named Manuel Antonio Cano-Pacheco was killed in Mexico after being deported by ICE enforcers.

This is part of a larger strategy of “soft” ethnic cleansing where the ultimate goal is to prevent the United States from becoming a “majority minority” country.

Of course, separating children from their parents is not new in America. It was a horror afflicted on black people who were owned for centuries as human property. Native American children and young adults were also taken from their families and sent away to schools such as Dartmouth in order to be “whitened” as a means of committing cultural genocide.

So that’s the long preamble. Here’s the defooing shit:

Politics begins in the home with how children are taught lessons about right and wrong, obedience and freedom, and their responsibilities to other people usually first in the most immediate sense (parents and family) and then encompassing neighbors and community, and finally to humankind, other animals and the natural world more broadly.

Who we choose to include among our friends and associates — and yes, even kin — is a political statement because it reflects our values and beliefs. The personal is political in ways both obvious and subtle. This includes the quotidian as well as grand gestures and acts.

And so, a proposal.

If you have friends or relatives who support Donald Trump you should confront them. Explain to them that they are complicit with Trump’s cruelty and sadism. Then communicate that you will no longer speak with them, nor will you offer them emotional, financial or other types of support until they denounce Donald Trump and what he represents — and make amends through speech and action.

This will not be easy. Doing what is right rarely is. But it is necessary.

Life should not be ordered around virtue-signaling.

No really, think about it. This is not a natural state of affairs. Only people with excess money and a gnawing feeling of emptiness in their life feel the need to go out of their way and virtue-signal this hard.

And let’s take a step back even further to understand what’s going on here.

Relationships among men are mostly business-related. You work together, you’ve got a project together, you’re trying to make some money together – whatever.

Then you’ve got the whole common experience -based relationship. You both grew up in the same town together, chased the same girls, have shared experiences – you can relate to one another.

This is the most natural state of affairs.

And then, increasingly, you have the lifestyle-based friendship. 

This is what colleges and universities and living in big cities encourages. You share the same lifestyle as someone and you create friendships based on that. Your views, your attitude towards the world, they’re all shaped by lifestyle niche you and your new friends have carved out for yourselves.

This type of relationship is the most restricting.

You’ve got to keep up the same values and behaviors as your social circle to keep it going, basically. People start looking like they are part of a cult.

And then they start “cutting off” people that don’t conform to their lifestyle standards.

So increasingly, you can’t have a “non-political” friendship anymore. Salon is just finally spelling it out in clear black and white. Don’t even try. You’re a bad person for doing it.

A counter-example: even if you start getting edgy and into some weird bugman shit in your little Romanian village, the grannies won’t really give a damn, and your childhood friends are more likely to shrug it off. Their friendship is not conditional on you keeping a certain “viewpoint” on the world.

You’ve got shared experience.

However, as we get more and more atomized, this kind of friendship that transcends political values and fashion trends begins to die out. We start identifying along political tribal lines. Depending on our views.

And this also bleeds into the workplace. Relationships that should simply be about mutual gain and project-building suddenly require ideological conformity as well. The workplace is getting politicized too.

So that sucks.

But whatever, if the liberals want to push things to the next level, let’s do it.

Politicizing everything leads to society balkanizing. Less and less normies every day.

Sure, you can bully a lot of people into becoming liberals, but you can also convince many apolitical people of the necessity for RWDS as well, who wouldn’t have cared otherwise.

Radicalization is a dangerous game.

It’s like breaking a wishbone – you don’t know who will be left with the larger bone at the end.

I’m willing to roll the dice though. So keep at it, Salon. Keep on pushing people. Let’s see how this turns out.