Salting the Earth – Episode 53: We’re Admonished (And Leaving Forced Content in 2017)

Caerulus & Vendetta
Daily Stormer
January 10, 2018

Caerulus and Vendetta get a call-in from Greg Ritter, who’s in the news after he was fired for teaching while white.

We discuss Greg’s story before moving on to the challenges ahead of us in the upcoming year. When we’re back from break, Caerulus shares a few thoughts on “Siege” and Vendetta goes into depth on the Iran-Iraq War and its continuing consequences in the region. We close out on some good old-fashioned Goofy Media in the third. It’s a new year, and we will be taking some major steps to raise the bar on the quality of our content and production. We hope you enjoy it.

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Caerulus Rex

Vendetta Vidame

Greg Ritter

Break Music

1st Break: Rise of the Alt Right – by Xurious

2nd Break: Xurious – Revolt Against the Modern World