Salting the Earth – Episode 57: Patriot Front and NazBol Gang

Caerulus & Vendetta
Daily Stormer
February 12, 2018


Thomas Rousseau of the Patriot Front joins the hosts of Salting The Earth for this week’s latest episode of Kremlin-sponsored Duganite subversion of good old American centrist conservatism.

Thomas talks with us about Patriot Front and some of their recent IRL hijinks trolling the Cat Lady Antifa in Vermont and elsewhere. After that, Vendetta reviews the first parts of Albert Speer’s memoirs of the Third Reich. In our third hour, Goofy Media returns, starring The Crying Anti-Nazi, Glenn Beck, as well as a couple of kvetchlings kvetching over Jews in Harry Potter.

Caerulus Rex

Vendetta Vidame

Thomas Rousseau
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