Salvini is Throwing a Coup with Call for Snap Elections

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 9, 2019

So basically, this is a straight-up coup.

He’s up, 5 Star is down, he’s kicking them in a bid to seize total control of Italy.

These are the actions of a bold man, the type of which no longer exists in the Anglo World.


Matteo Salvini, leader of Italy’s League party, has called for a snap election, saying differences with coalition partners cannot be mended.

A failed attempt by the Five Star Movement to derail plans for a high-speed rail link showed the coalition could no longer govern, he said.

Five Star leader Luigi Di Maio said his party did not fear another election.

Mr Salvini’s party is well ahead in opinion polls, due mainly to his stance against illegal immigration.

In last year’s election, Five Star won twice as many votes as The League, but polls suggest the proportions have been reversed.

Giuseppe Conte, the non-party law professor who serves as the coalition’s prime minister, has said Mr Salvini must “justify” to parliament his call for an election.

“Let’s go straight to parliament to say there is no longer a majority… and quickly go back to the voters,” Mr Salvini, who is both deputy prime minister and interior minister, said on Thursday.

Mr Di Maio, who is also a deputy prime minister, countered by declaring in a statement: “We are ready, we don’t care in the least about occupying government posts and we never have.”

While the League is the junior party in the coalition, it came first in the European elections in May, taking more than a third of the vote.

It has been in an uneasy coalition with Five Star, which came to power on an anti-establishment ticket.

Mr Salvini’s demand for an election does not necessarily mean a poll will be called in the near future.

President Sergio Mattarella could theoretically appoint a government of technocrats and postpone a new election until next year.

If he pulls this off, it will be very interesting to see what he does with total control of the country.

He’s already managed to make Italy the only Western country with progressive anti-immigrant laws. He refuses the boats. He has criminalized helping the invaders. He has pushed to force every school and government building to display a crucifix.

He is a good person.

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