San Francisco: Arab Twitter Employees Charged with Spying for Saudi Arabia

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 7, 2019

The thing about this is.

The thing is.

Diversity is our greatest strength.

In order to get that strength, however, we have to deal with foreigners spying on us and infiltrating everything for their own racial agendas.

NBC News:

Federal prosecutors in San Francisco charged two former Twitter employees and a Saudi national with a plot to provide the Saudi government with information about Twitter users, including critics of the Saudi government.

The arrests are the result of a multi-year investigation led by the FBI’s San Francisco Field Office.

The complaint unsealed Wednesday detailed a coordinated effort by Saudi officials to recruit employees at the social media giant to look up the private data of thousands of Twitter accounts.

Ali Alzabarah, 35, of Saudi Arabia, and Ahmad Abouammo, 41, of Seattle were Twitter employees. According to the complaint, between November 2014 and May 2015, Ahmed Almutairi, 30, of Saudi Arabia, and Saudi officials convinced the two men to use their employee credentials to access nonpublic information about the individuals behind certain Twitter accounts.

The Saudis sought email addresses, IP addresses, and dates of birth for individuals who had published posts deemed by the kingdom’s royal family to be critical of the regime, according to the complaint.

The accounts included those of a popular journalist with more than 1 million followers and other prominent government critics.

It also alleged that the employees — whose jobs did not require access to Twitter users’ private information — were rewarded with a designer watch and tens of thousands of dollars funneled into secret bank accounts.

Officials with the FBI’s Seattle Field office arrested Abouammo Tuesday. He made his initial appearance in U.S. District Court in the Western District of Washington. A bail hearing is scheduled for Friday.

Alzabarah, Abouammo, and Almutairi, who is also known as Ahmed Aljbreen, were charged with fraudulently accessing private information and acting as illegal agents of a foreign government. Abouammo is also charged with destroying, altering, or falsifying records in a federal investigation.

If you’re worried about this sort of thing, please go listen to Matt Walsh, who will assure you that diversity is our only strength and it is our identity and even if it destroys us we have to do it because our country was founded on anti-racism and human rights.

The Founding Fathers were basically Jewish antifa, so we really don’t have any choice here, people. I don’t know what to tell you. We just have to go down with this greatly strong ship of democracy and so forth.