San Francisco Man Landscapes Giant Swastika in His Front Yard, Says It “Has Nothing to Do with Nazis”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 7, 2019

This man really likes windmills.

Daily Mail:

A San Francisco man who landscaped a giant swastika into his front yard pavement claims is not a tribute to Nazism even though it is the exact symbol adopted by Adolf Hitler’s regime.

Steven Johnson, from El Sobrante, sparked outrage after placing the swastika in front of his home on Lindell Drive, with neighbors claiming it represents all that is wrong in American modern society.

Johnson insists the swastika, which is large enough to be visible from aerial views, is not the same symbol adopted by Adolf Hitler’s fascist regime and some white supremacist groups.

Steven Johnson

It’s a Tibetan sign that’s way back before swastikas were invented,’ he told ABC7 reporters.

He was then asked if he was Tibetan, to which Johnson reportedly answered, ‘I could be.’

Johnson then claimed:  ‘I own this house I’ll put what I want. It ain’t none of your guys’ business.’

The Tibetan symbol of spirituality is known as a sauwastika in Buddhist traditions. It faces the left rather than right-facing Hindu swastika, which was later used as a symbol by the Nazis.

Johnson’s swastika faces right and is a replica of the Nazi symbol. In Buddhism, the swastika is considered to symbolize the footprints of the Buddha.

The signs are also on Johnson’s handrail and around his doorbell too. He added: ‘I like those signs I think they look cool. I like them.

‘It’s a Tibetan sign that’s way back before swastikas were invented.’

Renee Schultz, who is Jewish and has been Johnson‘s neighbor for 27 years, is shocked at his actions and claimed that he has never done anything so extreme before.

Contra Costa County Supervisor John Gioia claimed that the county does not have the power to force Johnson to remove the symbol.

The swastika is an ancient symbol used in many cultures that was adopted by Adolf Hitler and turned into a symbol of hatred.

Here’s the thing: People are complaining that the swastika is a Nazi symbol that empower Nazis.

If people really believe that Hitler appropriated the swastika and “turned it into a symbol of hatred,” then what they’re saying is that Nazis can appropriate any symbol and turn it into whatever.

Calling the swastika a symbol of hatred endorses the Nazi appropriation of symbols.

Once someone accepts that Nazis can just take a symbol and make it NAZI, the slippery slope starts.

Anything Nazis use, say and do would be considered Nazi and therefore forbidden.

Hugo Boss would be banned.

Volkswagen would be banned.

The German language would be banned.

Germany would be banned.

Germans would be banned.

Stuff Nazis did would be banned.

  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Having sex
  • Working
  • Thinking

Nazis did all of it.

Everything is Nazi.

So, the next time someone says swastikas are Nazi symbols because Nazis used them, ask if the hashtag is also a Nazi symbol because Nazis use it.

Also, mention that even puppies do swastikas.

Even more terrifying, blond puppies do swastikas:

Should we ban puppies too?