Sandy Hook Settlement Makes It the Law That You Have to Believe Kikes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 18, 2019

Smell that lads? That’s Jews burning the Constitution.

It is absolutely insane that you can be sued for saying something didn’t happen because saying that thing didn’t happen hurt someone’s feelings. And then lose the suit.

This is at least as extreme as getting sued for making fun of someone on the internet.

Basically, they’ve used civil law to do an end-run around the First Amendment. (Along with the other end-runs around the First Amendment, such as “private companies can do anything they want to you because libertarianism is more important than the Constitution.”)

CBS News:

The father of a victim of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre has won a defamation lawsuit against the authors of a book that claimed the shooting never happened — the latest victory for victims’ relatives who have been taking a more aggressive stance against conspiracy theorists.

The book, “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook,” has also been pulled to settle claims against its publisher filed by Lenny Pozner, whose 6-year-old son Noah was killed in the shooting.

“My face-to-face interactions with Mr. Pozner have led me to believe that Mr. Pozner is telling the truth about the death of his son,” Dave Gahary, the principal officer at publisher Moon Rock Books, said Monday. “I extend my most heartfelt and sincere apology to the Pozner family.”

Yes, Lenny Pozner is obviously Jewish.

Looking like a fucking Der Sturmer cartoon, this one.

Did the Jews hoax the Sandy Hook shooting?

Well, apparently it’s fucking illegal now to say they did, so we’ll just assume that they didn’t, but that they are using their dead children’s bodies to shut down freedom of speech in America. Which is actually worse than hoaxing a mass shooting.

Whether it happened or not has fuck all to do with someone’s right to believe it happened or not. Because this used to be a free country.

This is actually very close to a Holocaust denial law. How long will it be before some Jew sues me for hurt feelings for saying the Holocaust is a hoax?

I am so, so very tired of Jews.