Sarah Palin’s Son Knows How to Handle a Bitch, Lemme Tell You

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
October 1, 2018

Conservative moms know how to raise a chad son.

So few men have the righteous moral fortitude to do the Christian thing and beat up their skank wives when they get out of line these days.


But there’s still the occasional chad out there, raised in the icy mountains of Alaska, who has been properly educated and knows how to do the right thing.

Of course, the state and the media are all falling over themselves to attack him for it.

NBC News:

Track Palin, the eldest son of former governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, was arrested Friday after allegedly attacking someone at his home, state police said.

Palin, 29, of Wasilla, Alaska, was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, interfering with a report of domestic violence, and resisting arrest, among other allegations, according to a report released Saturday by Alaska State Troopers.

Since when is it a crime to correct your wife when she strays off the path?

Okay, I guess it’s been a crime for a while now.

This is how they get you.

But still.

He was probably doing it for her own good, too. Look at how fat she is.

Do you think this woman will ever lose all her disgusting fat if Track doesn’t beat her up for it? Of course not.

During the assault, when a female acquaintance attempted to call police, Palin took her phone away, the report stated.

Snitches get stitches. Or so they say.

Palin was taken to Mat-Su Pretrial Facility after his arrest, according to NBC News affiliate KTUU, where he was being held on $500 bond.

In a court appearance Saturday, Palin said he was “not guilty, for sure,” KTUU reported.

Indeed, not guilty, for sure. He’s only doing his God-given duty, after all.

Palin could be charged with three Class A misdemeanors, punishable by up to a year in prison and a $25,000 fine, and a Class B misdemeanor, which is punishable by one day in jail and a $2,000 fine, according to KTUU.

Track Palin was arrested last year on suspicion of domestic violence against his father.

He was charged with felony burglary, assault in the fourth degree and criminal mischief for causing property damage in Wasilla, Alaska, according to court records.

Oh, you know, that’s all “boys will be boys” stuff.

Just being a little rowdy.

Palin also was arrested in January 2016 in Wasilla and charged with assault, interfering with a domestic violence report and misconduct involving weapons.

Palin’s girlfriend told the officer that he “struck her on the left side of her head near her eye with a closed fist,” sending her to the ground, according to court documents.


And you know she deserved it.

Just look at him.

Does this guy look like the type who’d smack a bitch without just cause? What kind of sick thing did she do to push him so far?

Frankly, in a just world, the police should have just given her a second beat down just to make sure she’d learned her lesson, instead of arresting this distinguished gentlemen.

But a just world this is not.

America has long lost her way.

Smacking a bitch used to be at the core of American values. Sigh.