Sarah Sanders is Probably Resigning as Press Secretary – We All Know What This Means

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 14, 2018

You know I’m not big on female politicians.

You all know that I am very, very not big on that.

But there are individuals. Just like Thomas Sowell has a 120 IQ, there are a very few women who can do man-jobs. Sarah Sanders really has done a great job as press secretary.

Fox News:

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders hit back Wednesday night against a report that she was considering leaving her role, saying she “loves” her job and is “honored” to work with President Trump.

Sanders was replying to an earlier CBS News report that both she and deputy press secretary Raj Shah have considered leaving their positions in the administration.

“Does @CBSNews know something I don’t about my plans and my future,” Sanders asked in a tweet. “I was at my daughter’s year-end Kindergarten event and they ran a story about my ‘plans to leave the WH’ without even talking to me.”

Both Sanders and Shah are weighing future options, Fox News has learned, which may or may not include their departures from the White House.

Sanders has talked about departing sometime after November’s midterm elections and although Shah’s timetable is unclear, it could possibly come sooner – although both could remain in their roles, too.

I think she probably is considering leaving.

As a woman, I wouldn’t expect her to be able to do this job indefinitely.

She takes a lot, a lot, a lot of abuse. And is just under constant, confrontational pressure.

I don’t expect her to hold out forever.

She probably needs a break.

There is one man, however, who absolutely could hold out forever.

One man who could do this job better than any other single individual or group of individuals on earth.

You all know who he is.

It must happen.

There simply is no way it cannot happen.

It is destiny that Alex Jones must be the White House Press Secretary.

Can someone please get a petition going?

It is really no good if I do it. Because you know – chief neon-nazi.

But this is not a neon-nazi issue. This is an American issue. It would be the ultimate boot to the face of the Jewish media to put Alex up at that podium, and I guarantee you, he is a man who could handle himself very well in that situation.

And this is not like, all that outrageous of a suggestion.

Really, it isn’t.

Trump has been a listener of Alex, he’s appeared on his show, he calls him every once and a while – this is well within the realm of the possible.

Press Secretary is one position that does not require Congressional approval.

Owen does a great job filling in for Alex, he can totally take over the show. And Alex is a totally extreme workaholic (like myself, in fact, if I do say so myself) and he’d be calling in to his own show all the time anyway from his place in Washington.

There is absolutely zero reason that this cannot happen in real life.

Except I guess that Jones wouldn’t be able to defend any strikes in Syria or whatever other neocon thing. So, I guess because neocon type acts are still technically on the table (though i expect Bolton to be fired soon), maybe that makes a Jones appointment impossible.

I sure hope not.

This would be the most amazing thing ever.

Imagine Alex running up to the podium shirtless and one of these kikes saying “Mr. Jones, why are you not wearing a shirt?” and Jones replying “it’s hot in here and I’M A MAN – NEXT QUESTION!”

And then Trump being asked about Alex doing press briefings shirtless and say “you know, I don’t know – that’s his style, I don’t know, what difference does it make? Is he doing a good job? I think he’s doing a fantastic job. He is a great speaker, a brilliant mind.”

NOTE: Re: John Bolton: I now think that whoever suggested Bolton was brought in specifically to play bad cop (without he himself knowing what was going on) in the Korean negotiations was right. I think Trump brought in a known crazyman to make Kim blink and make the right decision. I'm not sure that this was good or right or safe, but I am leaning towards it being the truth. I expect him to be replaced soon. I'm not going to predict that, because I don't predict things - this isn't Zero Hedge - but personally, I do believe he will be removed now that the Korea thing is finished. Or he'll stick around until the Korean process is underway in full, and then be fired. That's what I think.