Sargon of Akkad Releases Bizarre Propaganda Video Threatening to Slaughter the Followers of Mister Metokur

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 19, 2018

Sargon of Akkad’s role in working with the Wall Street Journal to get Ralph Retort banned from YouTube is still under question.

What is not under question is that he has released a bizarre, ISIS-style propaganda video against Mister Metokur, who he refers to as “The Faceless Man,” and has threatened to kill all of his followers.

The video contains footage of Sargon and his liberalists slaughtering the allegedly groomed child followers of Metokur. It’s unclear if these killings are real or staged. Sargon’s status is also unclear. The video claims that he is a fugitive, spreading liberalist ideology throughout the Middle East and other third world areas.

I do not know if this is accurate, and cannot confirm it.

But the fact that he has released this video says a lot in itself. He is taking this war against Ralph and Metokur very seriously, and at the very least, he is threatening mass-murder.

He is a very dangerous man.

This explains why he is encouraging teenagers to strangle their mothers.