Satanic Rat Rosenstein Says He’s Going to Resign, Then Doesn’t – To Meet Trump Thursday

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 24, 2018

So this rat kike comes out like, “okay, I’ll resign, I’ll go do it now” – but wait, then he’s like “oh but wait… let’s just talk about it.”

And Trump knows it’s a setup, see?

So he’s in a spot.

The Jew is trying to force a firing by making Trump look weak for not firing him. His co-ethnic Chuck Schumer already said that firing Rosenstein would be equal to firing Mueller himself, and they would push impeachment for trying to stop the Russian kookspiracy investigation.

So this is the rock and the hard place: look like a pussy for letting this smarmy little rat kike walk all over your face like some BDSM porno, or face the wrath of the Sanhedrin on some kookass goofjob conspiracy theory bullshit.

What to do?

The Guardian:

Deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein remains in his job, after reports on Monday said he had resigned or offered to do so.

The White House said Donald Trump and Rosenstein had “an extended conversation” about news stories published last week reporting that Rosenstein discussed with colleagues secretly recording Trump or having him removed from office.

The two plan to meet on Thursday, after the president’s return from a United Nations general assembly meeting in New York, press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement. Sanders said the meeting was at Rosenstein’s request.

The White House did not comment on reports Rosenstein expected to be fired imminently or had resigned.

The deputy attorney general oversees the investigation of Russian election interference and links between the Trump campaign and Moscow.

The New York Times reported last week that he discussed secretly recording the president and invoking the 25th amendment to remove Trump from office. Rosenstein said the report was “inaccurate”.

Well, apparently at this point, everyone is accepting that it was not inaccurate.

What no one is sure of is why it was published.

Is this a kike trap?

It looks like one to me – and I’m gonna go ahead and tell you, I’ve seen a few kike traps in my day.

But like I say – it’s a double-trap.

If he doesn’t fire him, he’s got this Jew – who is the literal personification of a rat, like Master Splinter except literally disgusting, trampling all over his face.

Who would you rather leave your kids with? Serious question – think fast.

Jeff Sessions is such a spineless little faggot.

Why doesn’t he come get his boy?

Does he jack-off to the whole world knowing how weak and pathetic he is?

I am so disgusted.