Saturday Night Live Celebrates the End of the White Race

Daily Stormer
October 6, 2014

The most recent episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by the disgusting pervert Jewess Sarah Silverman, featured a comedy sketch mocking the impending doom of the White race.  The clip features White people admitting that they will soon lose control of the United States and become a minority in the great nation their ancestors built, then saying they are going to try to enjoy their remaining years as a race.

Jewess herself played one of the Whites, even though Jews are not White; “White” is a term defined by European ancestry, and Jews are from the Middle East, a completely separate race.  When it suits them, they call themselves White.

The idea of celebrating the death of your own race is something that could only have been produced by Jews, and only sold to Whites.  If Africans or Chinese were told to laugh about becoming a minority in their own countries, they would go into a rage.

The question is: what is going through the minds of the Whites who accept this?

Does anyone actually believe that when non-Whites take over all of our institutions, they will continue to function as they did when we ran them?  We can see in Detroit what happens when you hand over a modern American city to non-Whites.  It isn’t a mystery.  Everything goes to hell.

How is it that these people are so selfish as to leave their children with a third world nation?  Did our ancestors give us this society so that we could give it away to strangers?  What right to they have to steal the future away from future generations?

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