Saudi Arabia Tracks Down Women Who Flee the Country Using Mobile Phones’ IMEI Numbers

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 16, 2019

They can’t escape their phones.

The fact that some people and “activists” are outraged by this shows you how removed from reality modern Western ideas about women are.

Daily Mail:

Saudi Arabia is tracking down women who flee the country by locating mobile phones via their IMEI number, an activist has claimed.

Military-grade technology used by US forces to pinpoint targets for drone strikes has been used to find at least four women who have fled the desert kingdom’s patriarchal system.

Two women told how Saudi security services turned up at their homes after they had fled and demanded to see the packaging their phones arrived in.

Officials told their families they could help bring their daughters home but needed the 15-digit International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number printed on the side of the box when it was bought.

The technology would enable Saudi agents to get to within a few feet of the nearly 1,000 women who flee Saudi Arabia every year.

Many women run away to escape a male guardianship system under which they need a man’s permission to leave the house, go to work or leave the country.

Earlier this year Google refused to remove a Saudi government app that allows men to track and control women.

The app, called Absher, gives husbands the power to grant and deny travel permission for their wives and sends out alerts when they use their passports, or leave a certain area their spouse deems they should stay.

Tracking down women who flee is good.

Females are necessary for the continuation of any species that reproduces sexually.

Think about this in terms of whites.

Without white women, white people would disappear. If white men impregnated other women, the result would not be white babies. Making white babies requires both white men and white women.

Giving something as necessary as womb containers the “right” to choose not to reproduce is giving them the right to choose suicide for their people. This thing where women can “choose” to be child-free and to do whatever they want is madness.

The wombs are the property of their people, as they’re the tools needed for their continuing existence as a people.

Saudi men, at some level, have a better understanding of this, and they’re taking care of the very tools they need to continue being who they are.

The West liberated women and look where that got them.

They are freaking out because their time for motherhood has passed. Letting them choose is like letting a toddler choose. It’s cruel to let them do whatever they want, no matter how many tantrums you have to deal with.

Women need to be controlled and disciplined, just like children.