Saudi Cuckrabia Gives Stupid Whores Drivers Licenses!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 5, 2018

I haven’t seen anyone cuck this hard since Jeb Bush.

Seriously – women driving?


Besides the fact that these sluts don’t have anywhere to go in the first place, do these people have any idea how dangerous it is to allow women to drive? It’s like distributing canisters of chemical gas to a batch of retarded boys.


Saudi Arabia has issued driving licences to women for the first time in decades just weeks before a ban on female drivers is lifted.

Ten women swapped their foreign licences for Saudi ones on Monday in cities across the country.

However, women’s rights activists have complained of a new crackdown – with several being arrested.

A flood of applications is now expected in the run-up to 24 June when the ban will end.

Saudi Arabia’s laws require women to seek male permission for various decisions and actions, and that extends to the ban on women driving.

I hate the Saudis, explicitly.

They are a filthy, inbred race which actually appears to be stupider than niggers, literally. They are given free money because they physically occupy land with oil underneath it, despite the fact that they were living in caves when people starting thinking about oil, and it would have been easy to send in a few death squads to simply exterminate the entire race.

There is no single individual on earth who could make an argument as to why Saudis shouldn’t simply be exterminated. Even with the Jews, people will be all like “muh Eisenstein” or “muh Polio vaccine.”

But the Saudis… seriously, globo-homo, give me a single reason this race of stone age dune coons should exist?


Credit must be given where credit is due, and Saudi was the one country holding it down on the slut front. They beat the shit out of these bitches, make them walk around in trashbag costumes and don’t let them leave the house unaccompanied.

Until now.

Until they went full Jeb and started giving these sluts driver’s licenses.

Women do not stop once they get going.

In a matter of days, these dumb Saudi apes are going to be dealing with this type of scenario:

The only way to deal with women is with brutal physical violence.

Whenever they take a single step out of line, you have to remind them you can kill them whenever you want – that they are alive simply because you choose to let them live.

I was always shocked that a people so stupid as the Saudis understood this simple fact.

But apparently they don’t anymore.

Good luck, niggers.

You’re gonna need it.

Saudi Arabia last week

Saudi Arabia next week