Savage AF Kids Publish Scathing Obituary in Newspaper About Their Mother

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 7, 2018

Wow. Savage.


People say you shouldn’t air your dirty laundry in public. That’s seemingly not the view of Jay and Gina Dehmlow, a disgruntled duo who posted a savage obituary of their late mother Kathleen in their local newspaper.

The obituary, published in Minnesota’s Redwood Falls Gazette, has been shared more than 36,000 times online and tells the life story of 80-year-old Kathleen Dehmlow. From her birth in 1938 in Wabasso, Minnesota, the five-paragraph piece remembers her marriage in 1957; the birth her two children, Gina and Jay; her 1962 pregnancy by her husband’s brother Lyle; and her decision to “abandon her children” and move to California.

“She passed away on May 31, 2018, in Springfield and will now face judgement. She will not be missed by Gina and Jay, and they understand that this world is a better place without her,” the obituary closes. 

But wait, this is an old granny. Which means that she must have had Boomer kids. In other words, these are Boomers who wrote this obituary about their own mother…

And just like that, my cruel and smug attitude evaporates. I am left shaking with anger, once again, at spoiled brat Boomers.

A relative of Kathleen’s called Dwight Dehmlow hit out at Jay and Gina, claiming there is more to the story than is revealed in the obituary. “It’s not simple,” he told the Minnesota Star Tribune. “She made a mistake 60 years ago, but who hasn’t? Has she regretted it over the years? Yes.”

Dwight appeared to lay the blame for the obituary with Jay. “He’s very upset,” he said. “He decide to go out with hate. I can’t believe he did this. This is going to hurt a lot of people.”

This happened sixty years ago.

Christ, Boomers, did the old woman leave you out of her will or something? Lose out on the third vacation home you were planning on refinancing?

Let it go, holy shit.

That being said… I would obviously laugh if it was some Millennial or Gen Z kid doing the same to their parents…

Lol I don’t care though. I don’t have to be consistent with my hate. In fact, I choose to be selective and unfair.

The Silent Gen gets a lot more slack in my book. If some Boomers are pointing fingers at their Silent Gen parents, my first impulse is to side with the granny – simply because I know how bad Boomers are.

In fact, I don’t blame the granny for dumping her Boomer children. She must have known what a shit generation they would grow up to be. She must have had a crystal ball or something and decided to just NOPE out of that situation.

Judging from that obituary, she must have been onto to something.