Savage Ape Beats White Driver “20-30 Times” in Road Rage Incident

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
December 27, 2018

VINELink confirms that the suspect is black, in case you had any doubts.

Though he didn’t get the five-star Reginald Denny treatment, this guy still got roughed up pretty bad.

How appropriate, too, that this attack occurred in a place called “Cheektowaga.” That’s exactly the sort of crude jungle word you can imagine the nog shouting as he launched his fists.


A Cheektowaga man is in the hospital tonight following a road rage incident that left him needing surgery.

Cheektowaga Police say it was shortly after 2:45 Wednesday afternoon when 41-year-old Matthew Rudy was driving on Walden Ave. near Chick-fil-A. Police say he was cut off by a man in the left lane and the man then slammed on his brakes, got out of the car and punched Rudy in the face through the window. Police say he then dragged Rudy out of the car, in the middle of the median and brutally beat him 20-30 times.

The man took off. After a two-day investigation, police arrested 31-year-old Maurice Scott of Buffalo. He was arrested on a second-degree assault charge.

Rudy was transported to ECMC. He had to have surgery on his eye, and his wife says there’s a possibility he may be blind. She says he is now home and resting.

Matthew Rudy.