Science: Female Superheroes Turn Little Girls into Feminist Harpies

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
October 26, 2018

The ideal role-model for little girls: arrogant, annoying super-skanks.

Feminists are constantly on the lookout for new ways to be even more insufferable than they already are. But their biggest obstacle is that girls are naturally sheepish and submissive – it takes a lot of social conditioning to get little girls into the bossy feminist mold.

But doing so is vitally important – if men actually have the option of interacting with modest, pleasant women, none of us are going to tolerate the feminist’s bitch behavior.

Thankfully, the Jews have just the thing to guide young girls towards acting as annoying as possible.

The Mary Sue:

A new study confirms a deeply held belief by all of us here at The Mary Sue: that female superheroes give young girls more confidence and inspire them to be leaders. The study, “Superpowering Girls,” was conducted by the Women’s Media Center with support from the BBC, surveyed 2,431 participants (male and female) focusing on the age ranges of 5-9 and 10-19.

Of course, no one asks the obvious question: do we want girls to be “confident” and “leaders?”

Because the obvious answer is no.

Even in the current year, most women don’t want a female boss.

The study shows a clear confidence gap between the genders: 70% of girls 15-19 identify themselves as “confident” compared to 81% of boys in the same age range. When it comes to identifying as “brave”, only 69% of girls identified as such, compared to 82% of boys. And, perhaps the most upsetting, 57% of girls said they feel “not listened to” compared to only 38% of boys.

Unsurprisingly, this is a retard-tier study, in which they measure how these children feel instead of measuring objective reality. I’d be much more interested in knowing whether these kids are actually brave or confident, rather than knowing if they feel like they’re brave or confident.

The study authors should have given these kids a knife and told them to do a caged death match with a rabid pitbull if they want a free PS4, and measured how many had the balls to do it.

That’s science.

Frankly, even this would be mild compared with what the Spartans had their boys go through to prove their manhood.

The point is, realistically, no 8-year-old girl is actually going to be brave. So them saying they “feel” brave just means they’re delusional.

But where do superheroes fit into all this? According to the study, the top role models for girls ages 5-9 are parents and family members, with female sci-fi/superheroes coming in third. Wonder Woman ranks as the favorite hero for girls of all ages, with girls 5-9 listing Supergirl as their second favorite.

For boys, it’s Batman, followed by Spider-man. Black Panther was number 2 among African American kids of all ages. And despite the pop culture proliferation of superheroes, 2/3 of girls say that there are not enough strong, relatable female role models. And the lack of female role models doesn’t just affect girls. Boys have overwhelmingly said they want to see more female sci-fi/heroes, and 2 out of 3 boys say they enjoy watching female superheroes just as much as male ones.

Oh, there’s plenty of female superheroes.

Far too many, in fact.

The keyword here is “relatable.”

None of these characters are relatable because the idea of a woman doing dangerous things and fighting bad guys is absurd on its face.

In the early days, it was understood that these heroes were absurd and goofy, and it was done as fan-service – i.e. an excuse to draw women in skimpy outfits.

For the kids. 

Now, they’re making these new female superheroes into diesel-dykes who behave like the most overbearing cunts you’ve ever seen, while simultaneously being Mary Sues who can do no wrong.

No wonder girls can’t relate.

What’s most interesting is the impact that these female heroes have on girls. 9 out of 10 girls find sci-fi/superheroes to be positive role models, which the majority of girls thinking that female heroes are smarter and more powerful than their male counterparts. A whopping 70% consider female heroes to be smart, compared to only 42% of male heroes.

That’s no surprise, considering that most of these superheroes are written by feminists, soyboys and Jews these days. They make sure to write all the male characters as buffoonish incompetents, and all the female characters as wise and effective leaders.

Girls also said that female heroes made them feel “strong”, “brave”,”motivated”,”confident”,”inspired” and “positive” to an overwhelming degree. And these female heroes matter to girls in a big bad way: 58% strongly agree that female heroes “make them feel like they can achieve anything they put their mind to”, compared to 45% of boys when asked about male superhero impact. The numbers jump even higher for Girls of Color, with 63% finding female heroes empowering compared to 52% of Caucasian girls.

If you want your girls to have good role models, make them watch anime instead.

Best waifu.

Basically, pretty much all forms of entertainment directed at the youth these days is totally subversive. You have to go back to the 80s to find American cartoons which are more or less tolerable – but probably even earlier.

Letting girls watch superhero crap is a recipe for disaster.