Scientific Breakthrough: Perverts Can be Cured by Bullet Therapy

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
May 10, 2018

That’s what I call “scared straight.”

A bold new homo conversion therapy may have just been uncovered.

Experts have previously believed that the main effect of the Orlando gay club shooting was to make homos hate Moslems, and help Trump win the election. But it appears like it may have accidentally given us a key insight into future curative technologies for sexual deviants.

Life Site News:

A band of young courageous ex-gays and ex-transgenders from around the United States converged on the Nation’s Capital on the weekend to proclaim in public the freedom they have found by having a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Their message stands in stark opposition to popular LGBT dogma, which until now has dominated national discourse.

The racially diverse group of mostly millennials — formerly sexually active gays and lesbians, as well as others who had lived as ‘transgenders’ (assuming the identity of a member of the opposite sex) — spoke about their personal conversion to Jesus and the freedom that comes from having a new life in Christ.

This is some Christian news source, and as such they emphasize these people’s religious conversion over other factors.

Who knows, it could work.

The article goes on to give the testimony of various homos and trannies who abandonned their evil ways, apparently after being shamed into it by God or whatever.

But later on we arive at one special case:

Another member of the band was Luis Ruiz, who survived Orlando’s horrific Pulse Nightclub massacre two years ago where 49 were killed in an act of Islam-inspired terrorism that was intended as revenge for US anti-terror policies abroad.

Ruiz chose to deliver his impassioned message on his knees.

“The Holy Spirit is pouring out,” blessings and power and “He is raising up a generation with boldness,” said Ruiz.

Oh Omar, spreading not only support for Trump but sexual virtue as well. God bless him.

In this case, it seems like the catalyst was not Jesus or whatever but getting shot at by a Moslem. He then presumably used Christianity to rationalize his sudden distaste for anal sex with men.

This is a significant breakthrough.

We could set up whole therapy centers based on this principle. I’d envision it being pretty fun, too. We’d make teams and do airsoft games, but with real guns, and one team dressed up like jihadists.

After going through a bacteriological and viral decontamination process, these people could then rejoin normal society.

Could this be the 21st century answer to electroshock therapy?

Homos better hope we get this down, because they’re not gonna like the alternative.