Scientists Discover Cause of Crap US Economy: Racism and Sexism

Daily Stormer
June 21, 2016


Man, I godda use dis computa n doo numbas? shieeeet!

So for the past couple of decades, western countries have engaged in a program to ship all their manufacturing jobs to third world countries and let the Chinese make all our consumer products. All economists will tell you this was a really good idea.

But now, we suddenly have a little problem: our economies are complete crap. This is totally unrelated to the above, of course, but economists still have some difficulty in explaining why.

But a crack team of scholars may have found the answer.

Racism and sexism.

Denver Post:

The United States still makes it too hard for women and African-Americans to contribute as much as they could to the economy, a fact that has suppressed wages and slowed growth in the aftermath of the Great Recession, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development concludes in its latest assessment of the American economy.

The OECD report, released Thursday afternoon, warns that several impediments are “compromising the economy’s ability to direct skills toward the activities where they are most highly valued” – which is to say, policies and attitudes in America are keeping workers from doing jobs that would maximize their potential to earn money and contribute to growth. It says those factors “still tilt the playing field against some groups – such as women, African-Americans, and those with criminal records.”

We need to tap the goldmine of economic productivity that is Black gangsters and feminist arts majors, or else our countries will not survive.


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The report suggests a basket of policy changes to encourage more women and African-Americans to work, and to help those groups obtain more skills and better jobs. They include “family-friendly” policies, such as mandated paid parental leave and expanded public access to day care and pre-school, that help women who might otherwise drop out of the labor force to raise their children and struggle to return to a similarly paid job in the future.

Only a Jew could think of such nonsense. Women working are good for the economy, but the government needs to force companies to give them parental leave.

The reality, of course, is that women starting up jobs and then leaving because they fall pregnant is a tremendous drain on a business’s resources. Without affirmative action laws, most businesses would prefer to mostly avoid hiring women. And this is without mentioning the cost of constant sexual harassment lawsuits and all that good stuff that comes from having a mixed workplace.


And where’s the sense in working in some boring and pointless desk job and paying someone else to take care of your kids? Women need to stay in the home and take care of their own kids. This is what will lead to strong families, and thus a strong nation. This is infinitely more important than the GDP.

Other recommendations in the report focused on improving work opportunities for African-Americans, in part by enacting policies meant to reduce discrimination against hiring prospective workers with criminal records. (Black Americans, it notes, are incarcerated at six times the rate of white Americans.)

Yes, of course, the only way to “help” Blacks is to reduce discrimination against them, ie. force companies to hire them against their better judgment.

It’s absurd that these people are saying all this with a straight face. Employers know very well which hiring practices will make them more productive. Leftist government meddling has only forced companies to hire useless people who become burdens on the general economy.

If you’re really concerned with “the economy,” then meritocracy is the way forward. That means IQ tests, racial and sexual discrimination and eliminating all the degenerates from the workplace. But of course, all of that is illegal now.

The economy is just a means to an end. We shouldn’t be obsessed with it. But that being said, once we stop adhering to this equality nonsense and go back to managing things using common sense and traditional values, our lives will be immensely more productive and fulfilling.