Scott Adams Caves, Admits He Believes the Seth Rich Hillary Murder Conspiracy Now

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 3, 2018

Who is Scott Adams you might ask?

He’s the Dilbert guy, and he is really popular among tech-savvy Gen X’ers. And why is he important? Well, the Dilbert guy got it right on Trump when most people were just laughing at Trump for being a fake candidate.

So he’s got that W in his corner.

He shares that with Iron Ann, who also called Trump’s victory very early in the race…

…and who is my absolute fav MILF of all time.

She’s like sixty, but boy. Making sweet love and talking politics over cigarettes in bed? That could be fun for awhile.

But back to boring ol’ Scott.

He’s no conspiracy theorist, he’s just a comic strip guy with good political judgment.

This comes on the heels of Seth’s parents supposedly admitting that he was indeed the Wikileaks source of the DNC leaks. 

In other words, this thing is heating up again.

Also Kim Dotcom, the five hundred pound master haxxor living in New Zealand has been talking about having proof about Seth for about a year now, and he’s back on the scene, even putting his money where his mouth is.

All this thing needs is some more mainstream conservative voices to jump on it.

With Trump making moves to possibly indict Hillary like he promised, this could be the big issue to nail her and the entire DNC to the wall with.

Jump on it, Mr. President.

You too, Ann. Trump listened to you about the Mexicans, maybe he will listen to you on this one as well. Team up with the fat man and the cartoon man on this one and score another big W by getting Hillary locked up and destroying the DNC in the process.

I know you’re listening, Ann

We need to drum up some support for this investigation. If it looks legit enough to get Scott Adams on board, then it’s legit enough for Trump to use against Hillary.

Seems to me that since Trump listens to Ann, looks like we know who to convince next.