Scott Adams Says That Trump Cannot Win in 2020 Due to Social Media Censorship

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 26, 2019

Scott Adams is claiming that Trump can’t win in 2020 because of the mass censorship campaign on social media. I’m not sure if this is actually true, but it is a fair enough take.

I’m surprised Breitbart is mentioning it. They’ve been justifying the end of the First Amendment, claiming that libertarian free markets are more important than the Bill of Rights.


Author and media personality Scott Adams stated in a recent video that he believes that President Trump’s chances of winning the 2020 selection cycle have been significantly lowered due to the power that social media has over public discourse. In a YouTube video titled “Episode 540 Scott Adams: Slaughtermeter Reset to Zero Due to Social Media Manipulation, Pelosi,” Adams discusses how Silicon Valley tech firms manipulate online discourse and how this can affect real-world elections, citing a recent incident surrounding a video of Nancy Pelosi as an example of this.

Adams begins the video stating: “You all know that I’ve been talking about what I call the slaughter meter. The slaughter meter is a measure of how the election will go and whether President Trump will win by a small slaughter or a large slaughter, and I update it based on current events so it’s not really a prediction it’s more like a moment in time in which the current conditions — if they were to continue until the end — would give you that result.”

He continues: “But of course, things always change so it’s not a prediction it’s just sort of a ‘if nothing changed this is where you’d end up.’ I have downgraded the slaughter meter from one hundred and forty percent where I said to myself the competition for the presidency is so weak that I couldn’t imagine any situation other than Trump dominating the election. I’ve reset that to zero so at my current thinking is that the president has no chance of reelection. Now remember the slaughter meter is if nothing changes, but of course, things will change so you don’t have to worry that this necessarily will be the condition on Election Day but the current situation would give him no chance.”

Adams discussed the issue of online censorship noting that a number of online conservative personalities have been seemingly censored by many online platforms, including Adams himself: “There is a topic that I can’t mention that is removed from YouTube whenever an individual is mentioned in the positive. I can’t even say the name of the person because these videos will be removed from the internet. Now I don’t have much interest in that actual topic, I don’t even have an opinion on it and I’m not really informed, but it is true that we now live in the world in which a major platform can completely stop a topic and it’s okay… it’s okay. It’s legal apparently you can make an entire topic leave the news and it’s okay. Now in what world can you ever expect a fair election where the social media people do not put their finger on the thumb? Well, I would say that’s pretty unusual, we see people like Dave Rubin being demonetized… I’d say a hundred of my videos were demonetized, if I ask the reasons for it — and I haven’t — I’m sure there would be some reason that didn’t sound very convincing to me, but the things demonetized coincidentally are the same things that would be the most damaging to the Democrats. Might be a coincidence but I don’t know.”

“YouTube apparently removed what they call the doctored videos of [Nancy] Pelosi seeming to slur her speech,” Adams stated. “The argument given is that it’s a doctored video, just think about that. What other videos are doctored to give you an impression that is not exactly what reality is? I don’t even have to finish the sentence right? If that standard holds, and it looks like it will I don’t see any pushback, it looks like YouTube will be able to say ‘we think this video is — wait for it — misleading because of the way it’s edited.’ Now of course in the video there does seem to be some evidence that at least one video of Pelosi apparently slurring her speech was slowed down, but here’s the interesting thing. The thing that started this all was probably somebody like Robbie Starbuck mentioning that the actual video, not the one that’s edited, but the actual video the real live unedited video of Pelosi talking about Trump and the infrastructure meeting sounded like she was drunk.”

I’m so tired of explaining over and over again that if we do not have the ability to use the internet, it is equivalent to cutting out our tongues.

This is a truth which is self-evident.

These companies are monopolies, and they are blatantly violating our First Amendment rights by banning us from speaking on public platforms that they own due to anti-competitive practices. Platforms that use the public infrastructure, which the taxpayer paid for.

There is no actual argument as to how this is not a clear violation of the Constitution. But yet it is happening anyway. And Trump is doing nothing about it and has said that he has no plans to do anything about it, even though he could do something about it very easily by simply classifying these tech monopolies – primarily Facebook, Twitter and Google/YouTube – as “common carriers,” just as all other public utilities are classified, ensuring service to everyone.

Will Trump lose because of this?

I can’t say. All things being equal he will. But if someone other than Biden or Kamala wins the nomination, the Jews would prefer to keep Trump, and so will use their own big media to make sure he wins.

The fact of reality is that in a universal suffrage democracy, elections are determined by the media. The only way Trump won in 2016 was that for this brief period, the people had their own media. And the social media companies have said outright that their agenda is to make sure that such an upset never happens again by clamping down on the ability of the people to produce their own media.

So, that’s where we’re at.