Second Caravan Busts Through Mexican Border, Heading to America to Rape and Pillage…!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 30, 2018

Don’t worry, kids.

I just checked with the hook-nosed men on the TV, and this is definitely not an invasion. They also informed me that the Orange Man is bad, which is why he is referring to it as an invasion.

The hook-nosed men also informed me that these are all children, and that none of them can be criminals when they become adolescents because no one who was ever a child can become a criminal.


Hundreds of Central Americans following in the footsteps of a thousands-strong migrant caravan making its way toward the U.S. border crossed a river from Guatemala into Mexico on Monday, defying a heavy Federal Police presence deployed to patrol that country’s southern frontier.

A low-flying police helicopter hovered overhead as the migrants waded in large groups through the Suchiate River’s murky waters, apparently trying to use the downdraft from its rotors to discourage them. Guatemala’s Noti7 channel reported that one man drowned and aired video of a man dragging a seemingly lifeless body from the river.

Once on the Mexican side the migrants were surrounded and escorted by dark-uniformed officers as sirens wailed. The standoff at the riverbank followed a more violent confrontation that occurred on the bridge over the river Sunday night, when migrants threw rocks and used sticks against Mexico police. One migrant died from a head wound during the clash, but the cause was unclear.

Mexican police do not seem especially competent…

…or maybe they want these people in the US for some reason?

It certainly does not appear as though they put up much of a fight.

Maybe they just didn’t want to be killed.

The second group back at the Guatemalan frontier has been more unruly than the first that crossed. Guatemala’s Interior Ministry said Guatemalan police officers were injured when the migrant group broke through border barriers on Guatemala’s side of the bridge.

Mexico authorities said migrants attacked its agents with rocks, glass bottles and fireworks when they broke through a gate on the Mexican end but were pushed back, and some allegedly carried guns and firebombs.

On Monday, Mexican Interior Secretary Alfonso Navarrete Prida lamented what he called a second “violent attempt” to storm the border, accusing people of placing the elderly, pregnant women and children at the front, putting them at risk of being crushed.

“Fortunately, that did not happen,” he said.

The Interior Department said in a statement that two Hondurans ages 17 and 22 were arrested Monday when one of them tried to shoot at police in the town of Ignacio Zaragoza, near the Hidalgo border crossing. It said the Glock failed to fire, and no agents were injured.

The important thing to understand is that we don’t have any choice. Whether or not this is a violent mob rushing the border to invade our country and go on welfare to fund their rampage or a bunch of innocent children who will grow up to be doctors makes no difference.

It is racist to stop them, and all that matters in life is not being a racist.