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Turks Hack Austrian Foreign Minister’s Website, Threaten Invasion

Daily Stormer June 19, 2014 Dirty Turkish rats have hacked the website of the Austrian Foreign Minister, Sebastian Kurz, following his warning to the Turkish Prime Minister that during his visit to Vienna, he’d ought not encourage the Turks The pro-Government hackers warned Austria that they once fought all the way to Vienna, implying they think they could do it ...

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Cantor Defeat Opens a Possible Path for “National Conservatism”

James Kirkpatrick VDARE June 19, 2014 The primary defeat of GOP House Majority Leader Eric Cantor by David Brat has done more than just strike a blow against the Open Border machinations of Conservatism Inc. It has blazed the trial for a populist “National Conservative” movement that uses the anti-corporate, anti-immigration, anti-Establishment tactics of David Brat. Unless of course, the ...

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Goofball Jew-Lover Lindsey Graham Calls for Iran’s Help in Iraq

Daily Slave June 16, 2014 You just have to laugh at how foolish American leadership is in all branches of government.  Lindsey Graham the insane Zionist Republican Senator is now calling for Iran’s help to deal with the crumbling situation in Iraq.  This is comical considering that Graham has spent years demonizing Iran and complaining about their nuclear program.  Now ...

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