Seething Old Roastie Lashes Out at Based Shinto Maiden

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 8, 2019

I knew that the White Hag vs Asian Goddess conflict was only in its opening stages.

Last time our fair maiden made news, she was BTFOing useless white atheist roasties with her Shinto housekeeping advice.

I like to think of that as Episode IV: A New Yellow Hope.

But this is like Episode V: The Hags Strike Back!

Japan Today:

An online takedown of Marie Kondo by author-journalist Barbara Ehrenreich has been widely condemned as racist and xenophobic. Ehrenreich says it was a joke gone wrong.

Ehrenreich tweeted Monday that she saw Kondo’s popularity as a sign of America’s decline and wished that the Japanese “de-cluttering guru” would “learn to speak English.” She later tweeted that she was “sorry” if she had offended anyone and called her previous comment a missed attempt at “subtle humor.”

Ehrenreich is a prominent liberal who writes often about the working class, notably in the best-selling “Nickel and Dimed.” 

She deleted the tweet and posted this semi-apology.

Ehrenreich a typical Dirt World promoter and anti-White hag.

And no, she isn’t Jewish. Ehrenreich is the name of her first husband, who probably also wasn’t Jewish. Her parents names are Isabelle Oxley and Ben Howes and she was born in Montana.

She hates Marie because she’s a filthy Boomer peasant who never learned how to eat with kitchen utensils and resents the Eastern culturedness and grace of Marie.

By the way, this bitch would never complain about Univision. Nor would she ever complain about BET. Both are broadcast in languages incomprehensible to regular Americans and neither even have the courtesy to provide subtitles. Saying anything about how people should learn English, in any context, has been considered racist for at least two decades.

But critiquing Marie’s beautiful and flawless Japanese?

Methinks this white piggu doth protest too selectively.

Which just goes to show that all this talk of women being too empathetic or too nice and open-minded to be nationalistic is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

These women hate, hate, hate nations who have women who can compete (and completely BTFO) with them.

They have no problem importing Turd World women because they’re ugly as sin.

Even after makeup and photoshop.

But I guarantee you that if there was an earthquake or something in Thailand or Japan or Korea and we had all these young women who had to be evacuated from Asia to the United States, these disgusting, crusty old white hags would become virulent nationalists overnight.

Anglin wrote about this, and created best meme.

We live in a society run by Jews and hags, but especially Jewish hags.

That means they use the State to force men to have to pay attention to dusty old bags of bones like Babs and her whole cohort.


And let’s be clear here. I am not saying that you should have children with Asian women nor that hapas are based or w/e.

I’m just saying that there should be competition. 

These fat, entitled, White whores would benefit from having to actually, for once in their pampered lives, try to learn how to please their men.

I enjoy watching them lash out and seethe.

Let them suffer a bit.

If all goes well, Episode VI might be: Return of the Trad Wife!

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report. Primarily, he inserted his own article and meme, and wrote about himself in the third person. Andrew Anglin also added the part saying she isn’t Jewish, because Nazi feminists will try to claim that all of these old anti-white whores are Jewish, and also people think German names sound Jewish because most Germans anglicized their names due to a conformist mentality. Andrew Anglin also wrote this end note in the third person.