Senate Confirms: We’ve Got a New WASP FBI Director! Neat!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 1, 2017


Well this sure took hella long.

But finally – the rat Andy Boy is out.

That guy was just as bad as Comey!


Christopher Wray will be the next director of the FBI, as the Senate has confirmed his nomination in a bipartisan vote. President Donald Trump has accused the acting FBI director Andrew McCabe of having close ties to Hillary Clinton.

At last count, the Tuesday vote tally was 92 to 5.

Wray, 50, was the US assistant attorney general for the criminal division from 2003 to 2005 under former President George W. Bush.

Wray’s nomination was unanimously approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee on July 20. During that hearing, Senator Sam Nunn (D-Georgia) described Wray as someone with an “unwavering commitment to the rule of law.”

Senators had asked Wray if he would be an independent law enforcer or one tied to his boss.

“Nobody asked me for a loyalty oath, and I didn’t offer one,” Wray said multiple times, adding, “My loyalty is to the Constitution and the rule of law.”

Trump announced the impending nomination of Wray on June 7, about one month after firing James Comey.


Trump owes us a little bit for getting him elected and he needs to throw us a bone for the things he’s doing that we don’t like to keep our support.

The Alt-Right is a very serious voting bloc, and more importantly, we’ve a very serious ability to inflict ourselves onto internet discourse.

The Alt-Right has no connection to previous White Nationalist movements, other than that we share a belief in the continued existence of the white race. We do not and have never had any ties to any sort of criminal operations or prison gangs.

The old WN movement, which did have some of these ties, regrettably, is basically non-existent at this point.

Trump made a very promising and very meaningful gesture by symbolically removing us from the “extremist” watchlist group, and by defunding these “anti-hate” rackets.

As I said yesterday in my 1488th day post, it never does get old to have these goofy people quote me and show a picture of the KKK. They don’t understand how stupid this makes them look, and they just keep on doing it. 

Meanwhile, the rat Jimmy Boy was fired just hours after giving a speech to the ADL (which was either on purpose or pure meme magic – it was his second meeting with them in 7 years).

He has the opportunity to make us no longer the subject of harassment and unfair imprisonment, along with withdrawing the funding for all of these disruptor groups and individuals sent to molest us – on the internet and off.

The people who are serving as informants can either just be cut from the payroll or prosecuted for whatever got them on the payroll to begin with – I would prefer the latter. I would much, much, much prefer the latter. As long as it comes out clearly in court – and it certainly would – that they were working as informants, so no one views them as heroes or mistakes the new FBI’s crackdown reversal for a crackdown.

That would be massive.


And it will be so, so funny when you get to watch which members of the movement disappear when the FBI cuts their COINTELPRO programs against us. I would make a list, because I already know who they all are. But

So I am very much hopeful that this new FBI will stop taking orders from the ADL and SPLC and stop pretending that our “speech is a form of violence.”

That would go a very, very long way.

If Wray really cares about the rule of law, then he should support it as well, as the harassment that we suffer is way, way outside the bounds of the rule of law.

We didn’t even do anything.

And I can promise you, Mr. President, that if you stop these people from harassing us and trying to set us up and imprison us and all of this other stuff they do – I give you my word that I will do absolutely everything that I can to ensure that this movement remains non-violent and remains 100% #TrumpTrain. Honestly, if we could just get this one thing, then you couldn’t throw me off this train. I’d say that goes for most of us.

And know this, Mr. President, in case you’re not aware – I had to fight the FBI informants in this movement in order to defend you during the campaign. They were all with her.

I would truly love to be able to come home from Nigeria without feeling like I’m going to be set up and thrown in prison or have my family harassed by federal agents.

So please, Mr. President and Mr. Director: take the target off of our heads.