Senile Traitor John McCain Claims America was Stronger Under Obama

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
June 13, 2017

John McCain is an evil kook who needs to be sent away to the funny farm as soon as possible!

At this point I am fairly confident that John McCain doesn’t have any idea what planet he is on. This man’s political views are based around a world that existed 50 years ago. Worse yet is that he has continually represented the interests of Israel over that of his constituents in Arizona. How the people down there haven’t kicked this senile old bastard out of office is a baffling situation.

This man is not fit to serve in any office. Proof of this can be seen with his incoherent babble during last week’s Russian kookspiracy hearings.

Despite the fact that any reasonable person can see that this man’s mind is gone, the deep state and the Jewish media keep pretending that his statements have credibility. This is down right sick!

McCain is now claiming that America was better off under Barack Obama than Donald Trump. Pure comedy considering that the evil Black bastard nearly destroyed the entire country!

The Hill:

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is President Trump’s fiercest critic in the GOP and is giving voice to misgivings held by other Republicans more reticent about airing criticism in public.

McCain’s latest stunning public shot was to tell The Guardian that America’s standing in the world was stronger under former President Barack Obama, a man the Arizona senator has torched for a “feckless” foreign policy.

The statement came a month after McCain, his party’s 2008 presidential nominee, strongly criticized Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for downplaying the importance of basing foreign policy decisions on American values.

“With those words, Secretary Tillerson sent a message to oppressed people everywhere: Don’t look to the United States for hope,” McCain warned in a New York Times op-ed.

Also last month, McCain called reports that Trump had shared classified information provided by Israeli intelligence “deeply disturbing” and warned that allies may not share sensitive material in the future.

Also notice how McCain is worried that Trump may have shared information from Israeli intelligence with the Russians. Objectively speaking, we have far more in common with the Russians than a bunch of desert dwelling Jews who stole a block of land from brown people. I couldn’t care less if Trump shared information originating from Israel with the Russians.

McCain’s entire political career has been based off of doing what’s best for Israel and not America. There hasn’t been a single war to benefit Israel that he hasn’t liked.

Even though he is a traitor who deserves to be tried for treason, I’d be fine if he were just hauled off to the funny farm and removed from public life. He’s a relic from the past getting in the way of real political reformations.

It’s time for him to go!