Shitty New Star Wars’ Ticket Sales Freefalling

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
June 5, 2018

What, you ask? The Stormer hasn’t released a review of Solo yet? Shhhhhhhh… Don’t tell Andrew. I think he forgot. We’ve dodged the bullet on this one. Thank God.

Solo, Jew Disney’s newest Star Wars monstrosity, was already considered a flop, compared with the opening weekends of previous movies in the franchise.

Presumably, after being kiked so hard by the previous six movies, the people have had enough and their enthusiasm is starting to wane.

However, it seems like the new movie is so shitty that no one is even interested in watching it after the first few days – ticket sales are in total free fall.



We box office pundits get some understandable grief from readers and commentators when we proclaim a new movie after the first three days (or even the first day) of a theatrical release. But this isn’t the early 1990’s, where a buzzy word-of-mouth charmer can more easily overcome a mediocre opening weekend. Theatrical moviegoing is now designed to get as much of the demand filled in those first three days as possible, and post-debut miracles are fewer and far between.

This is because movies only have consistent sales over time if they’re actually good, and get promoted by word of mouth and repeat viewings.

This is why a movie like Idiocracy has become a cult classic, even though Fox did everything they could to bury it.

You wouldn’t want the goyim to have the idea that eugenics is good, right?

And that’s why Disney’s latest showing is plummeting in spite of all the promotion and hype – not to mention the Star Wars franchise’s enormous and rabid fanbase.

Barring a miracle or Jedi Force trick, or a rewriting of the stars, Solo: A Star Wars Story was not going to be a leggy wonder that overcame a weak debut, poor buzz and merely decent reviews. If you argue that I was premature in proclaiming doom, at least in North America, on the latest Star Wars flick, I can certainly make the call now. All due respect, Solo: A Star Wars Story is not giving audiences everything they ever want, everything they ever need, right in front of them.

As is often the case, a soft opening, a negative media narrative, lack of buzzy elements and relative audience indifference is leading to a huge drop for a movie that didn’t open all that great to begin with. Walt Disney and Lucasfilm’s ill-advised and ill-fated Han Solo prequel flick earned just $8.153 million on its second Friday of domestic release. That’s a huge 77.2% drop from its not-great $35.6m Friday (which included $14.1m in Thursday previews) and it gives the film just $127.745m in eight days of domestic release.

Judaism destroyed Star Wars like proton torpedoes wrecked the Death Star.

Or, more accurately, like a force field wrecked Jar Jar’s face.

What I’m saying is, their Jew greed killed the golden goose. If they had just hired top goy directors to lay a sequel every five years, they could have milked Star Wars forever.

Instead, they’re releasing half-assed, pozzed crap every year. Even the die-hard fans are starting to be fed up with it.

This is not good, especially when the movie is so expensive and the overseas numbers are so poor. At best it plays like Suicide Squad, X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men Origins: Wolverine and levels out after a super-duper drop for a $210-$215m domestic total. Yes, Last Jedi and Star Trek Nemesis (which dropped 76% on its second weekend) earned 1.65x their ten-day totals, which would be around $244m for Solo. But those had Christmas/New Year’s advantages which Solo will not.

In other words, there’s a very real chance they won’t even make their budget, which was around $250 million.

With the advertising costs at however many extra hundreds of millions more…

It’s true – and it’s really funny.

And with 8 more films on the way, this is going to be a hell of a blow to Disney’s finances if the trend continues. And it might even get progressively worse, if the movies’ quality keeps dropping.

We can only hope this hurts Disney, which might be the Jew’s most vile propaganda mill.

At this point, the only thing that could save them would be to make a Vader movie where he just wrecks filthy alien scum for the glory of the empire for two hours straight.

I’d watch that.