SHOCK: French Train Station Stabbed Up! One Dead! Six Wounded!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 31, 2019

It’s shocking that there would be a knife attack in France.


A suspected knife assault near a train station in Villeurbanne, France, has left one person dead and six wounded, according to reports. Police are said to have arrested one man and are seeking another.

The attack occurred on Saturday afternoon at Laurent Bonnevay station in Villeurbanne, metropolitan Lyon. Local media reported that two alleged perpetrators attacked people at random in the parking lot, with one person killed and several others injured.

One man has been arrested, according to reports, and a manhunt is ongoing for the second. The city’s Metro service was suspended as police descended on the scene.

Footage shared on social media purportedly shows a crowd of onlookers surrounding and subduing one of the suspects at one of the station’s elevators. Another man seen holding a long, thin object may also be a suspect, as one was reportedly armed with a kitchen skewer.

What this proves once and for all is that French people are hate-filled bigots, and are clearly not giving enough money to the Moslem population. They are white supremacists, and they are pure evil.

Instead of hating the Moslems, they need to do more to integrate them, like building more mosques. Otherwise, I guess they can expect to be stabbed at the train station – and I don’t think anyone can blame the stabbers.

We need to move towards not blaming the Moslems who stab the place up, and look toward understanding why they stab. And clearly, why they stab is because they are subject to a white supremacist system of abuse.

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